Sunday, December 02, 2007

Playoffs? Not this year: 4th quarter Lions - Vikings thoughts

As we start the 4th quarter, we see the wild card race standings. Why bother, it's all a pipe dream for Lions fans.

Kitna finds Furrey for 7. Brandstatter says, "The Lions have all 3 time outs!" Huh? So what?

Bad snap on the shotgun, Kitna throws it away, but takes another big hit. 3rd and 3 from the Vikings 46.

Calvin Johnson DROPS a slant that hit him in stride. It his him right in the hands. Lions suckitude is contagious. 4th and 3. Lions are going for it...

CJ holds on to the ball this time, the completion goes for 17 at the Vikings 28.

Kitna is back to pass...SACK! Ball is loose, Vikes recover. Whoop-de-fucking-do.!

But it's called an incomplete pass. I don't know about that...And here comes the red flag from Childress on the Vikes sideline. Expect another 10 minute delay.

It was ruled a fumble, but the Vikings don't get the ball? Huh? It must be due to the whistle blowing. No one has a clue on either the radio or TV as to why. A damn odd call. After all that, it's 2rd and 18 for the Lions.

Kitna hits McDonald for a short gain, but McDonald is called for a personal foul in tossing the ball in the chest of a Viking. That fucking figures. 3rd and 41. Do the lions have a play for 3rd and 41? Knowing Martz, he probably does...Not that it'll work...

Kitna dumps the ball off to Cason, he's down at the Vikings 38. Kitna was hit hard, which has me asking, WHY IS HE IN THE GAME? Typical Marinelli game mismanagement.

Harris will punt, and a fair catch is called at the 10. I have another question. Why am I still doing this live blog?

O'Sullivan is finally warming up, Kitna is done for the day. It took Kitna limping off the field to get Marinelli's to make a change. Jesus, he can be a thick headed dumb ass at times.

Taylor is getting the call on most every play. On 2nd and 11 from the 23, it's a swing pass to Taylor, leaving 3rd and 1. The up an gets the ball, and the 1st down. the Vikes are just burning clock, as this game is long over.

Hell, now the 3rd string Vikings running back is getting yards. 5 yards on a run, then Jackson completes ANOTHER pass, good for 18 yards. The Vikes are all the way down to the Lions 40.

Can we just call this a mercy rule, and end the game now? PLEASE?

FOX runs an amazing stat: Lions 1 yard rushing, Vikings 219.

The Lions offense has turned into a punch line. What has 8 legs, but can't run? The Detroit Lions running backs! HA! I'm here all week, folks! Try the veal!

Add a 3 more for the Vikes, as Moore carries the ball. 3rd and 7 from the Lions 38. A 3rd down run is blown up, and the Vikings will punt...For the 1st time today. My God, the Lions have BLOWN against the Vikings.

The punters rust shows, as the punt bounces into the end zone for a touchback. I'm positive it's not because the Vikings were kicking away from the Lions return man...

This game can't end soon enough. 3:54 left in this debacle.

JT O'sullivan is now under center for the Lions. Vikes offsides, 1st and 5. NOW the Lions run the ball a few times. Not much exciting happens. It's 3rd and 6 from their own 47

2 minute warning. YES! The torture is almost over!

FOX shows the remaining schedule for both the Lions and Vikings. Vikes are in good shape, with a relatively easy schedule. The Lions? They should start preparing for the draft, and...Fuck it, I'm not going to make a wide receiver joke. It's too easy, and no longer funny.

O'Sullivan is in the shotgun...And drops the fucking snap, falling on the ball. At this point, I got nothing.

Lions punt, Vikes take over that their own 5 with a little more than a minute left. They'll just knee a few times, as this joke of a game will soon be officially over.

42-10 is your final score, Vikings expose the Lions for what they are, frauds.

The Lions offense was awful, and their defense was worse. Just an embarrassing performance in what was a must win game.

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