Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why Detroit sports talk radio blows: Reason #248

For the past hour, 97.1 The Ticket (I still can't get over the originality of their mew name) WXYT has featued a somewhat heated discussion between show hosts Mike Valenti, Terry Foster, and Scott Anderson. I'm sure you're thinking, "That's not so bad."

It is when the discussion involves Valenti trying to convince Anderson to drink with them at some half-assed event tomorrow night.

I have to ask...WHO GIVES A SHIT?

I don't, and I doubt you do either. Hey, I'm all for drinking, but I really don't care to hear what frat boy style antics these clowns are planning to do, especially during the amateur night the bars turn into on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Let alone talk about it for an entire HOUR.

When it comes to drunken revelry on biggest bar night of the year, I've been there, done that, wrote the book, no longer feel the need...

Rather than wait for a legitimate discussion, I decided to do my laundry. Watching the clothes go around and round is vastly more entertaining...

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