Friday, November 30, 2007

A tale of two Isiah's

As I was flipping around the tube last night, after cutaways in the Sprint Cowboys-Packers coverage, and commercial breaks in the NBC comedies, I'd watch the rapidly spiraling out of control score in the Celtics-Knicks (I can't call it a game) farce.

The Knicks literally gave up on the game, let the Celtics run roughshod, and run up the score. It ended 104-59, and the fiasco was not nearly as close as the score indicated. Seriously. It was that bad.

It's an embarrassment for the entire New York organization, especially Isiah Thomas.

It's sad to see a Pistons great like Thomas sink so low. From sexual harassment suits, to running his team into the ground as GM and coach, Thomas has been a colossal failure in New York.

This Isiah is universally loved...

While this Isiah is universally despised.

The Pistons fan inside me is torn.

I'm thrilled to see a New York team fall into the abyss. A team that should be a force in the eastern conference is instead a joke, and is one less team for today's Pistons to worry about. But I also remember Isiah's glory days in Detroit, the force of nature that lead the Bad Boys to consecutive NBA titles. Isiah Thomas was the best "Little" basketball player I ever saw.

So I'll always have a very soft spot for Thomas, as I think back to those crazy days in the Silverdome, sitting in the nosebleed cheap seats, my friends and I screaming for Isiah to lead the Pistons to another win.

That's as a fan of the Pistons. If I'm a fan of the New York Knicks? I'm cursing the day that braindead GM and coach was ever born, and treating him the same way we in the D treat our own braindead GM, Matt Millen. With malice, while continually asking why wasn't this dumb ass shit canned years ago?

Fire Millen = Fire Isiah.

It's amazing how the reputation of Thomas has done a 180 in the last 15 years. From being known as a winner at all costs, an all-world point guard, a personality every NBA team would have loved to have been associated with, to a man who is desperately coaching out the string in what has to be his final NBA job.

After screwing over 3 NBA franchises since he left Detroit, no competently run, or even incompetently run, NBA team would come within miles of Isiah Thomas, let alone hire him. His name is poison in NBA circles. He's done, as Thomas is all but fired in the Big Apple.

When Bill Davidson and Thomas had their falling out, and Isiah became persona non grata at the Palace, otherwise known as "The arena Isiah built," most of us believed that rift would hurt the Pistons' future. Who knew that Davidson was unleashing the devil incarnate upon the rest of the NBA?

As Pistons fans, we should thank our lucky stars every day that Davidson correctly realized what holy Hell the retired as a player Thomas would become. Not many teams would have had a quality person and GM like Joe Dumars as a fall back plan.

So here's to Isiah Thomas. A great Piston, and a front office bozo everywhere else. Better them, than us.


  1. And let's not forget his misadventures with the CBA back in 1999! I would propose that he's surpassed our own Mr. Millen in terms of general boobery. [Prolly not a word, but fun to say out loud!]

  2. What exactly caused the fallout with Mr. R? I don't recall for sure, but seem to remember it was cuz Isaiah is an asshole.

    It's a long way from reading "The family that nurtured a superstar" in the Reader's Digest. But maybe he always was a ghetto punk.

    I'm glad his mom is long gone, and doesn't have to see this. Whatever he might be, she truly was a hell of a woman.

    Unless all those tales were untrue. That would be a bigger disappointment than learning he's an asshat.

  3. Paavo, what Thomas did to the CBA was criminal. He took a league that had been a viable and profitable entity for decades, and killed it within a couple of years. The man is basketball front office poison.

    GTW, I think Thomas tried to undercut and usurp the power of Davidson's right hand man, Tom Wilson. A power struggle ensued, and Wilson, a who's been loyal to Davidson for decades, won.

    I'd bet the fact that Isiah is, as you say, a true asshole, under that smiling exterior had plenty to do with it as well.