Thursday, November 01, 2007

Detroit Lions week 8 power ranking roundup

If you're anything like me, when you search out the numerous NFL power rankings, once you see where the the Lions rank, you move on. Between you and me, I'm not all that interested in seeing where Dr. Z or Vic Carducci rank the Jaguars and Panthers, to name 2 of the teams I couldn't give a shit about.

I took the time to find 14 different NFL power rankings, with 15 writers doing the ranking. After week 8, the Lions average out at an wholly unexpected 11.6. Not too shabby for a team most had below 25 before the start of the season.

So as a public service, here's your one stop shop for the Detroit Lions NFL power rankings.

SI: 10 - The great Dr. Z is all sorts of confused by the Lons. Well, he's not getting any younger...

This is terra incognita for the Leos. Have I ever had them in my top 10? I mean it's been seven years since they had a winning record, and 15 teams were as good or better than their 9-7 back in 2000. And when did I start doing this thing, anyway? OK, well, here they are. Uncork the Piper Heidsick. A word of caution, though. Six of their next nine opponents have winning records.

The 4 Letter
: 10 - The WWLiS says to beware the Favres. And we still want Millen fired, despite the winning record!

Who wants Matt Millen fired now? For the first time in his tenure, the Lions have started out 5-2. They've swept the Bears and are 3-0 in the division. But they still must face the Packers twice in the final six weeks.

CBS Sportsline
: 10 - Pete Prisco puts forth the "P" word.

I said last week the Lions would be in the playoffs if they started then. I was wrong. They would be in if they started now. Wow.

MSNBC: 10 - Brings up a 10 win season, along with the greatest coach of all time...

If the Lions do achieve Jon Kitna’s preseason goal of 10 wins (or more), it’ll be their first 10-win season since 1995. The Lions have won 10 or more games just eight times in their 78-year history (three times under Wayne Fontes in the early 1990s).

: 13 & 17 - The Lions are part of what Yahoo calls the NFL's "Muddled middle." That's just a high falutin' way to say mediocre.

Jason Cole: 13 - Detroit posted perhaps its most impressive win of the season in beating Chicago last Sunday in the Windy City. The best part of that victory is the Lions defense showed up. Sure, the Bears are challenged offensively, but that's still some nice work for the Lions .

Charles Robinson: 17 - You have to give respect to the Lions for a gritty win in Chicago, but the easy part of the schedule is over. Seven of their final nine games are against teams that should be in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Pro Football Talk: 8 - Flabbergasted.


Sporting News: 10 - Their comment infers that Kevin Jones hasn't returned to the lineup. And people wonder why The Sporting News is dying a slow, painful death...

The return of Kevin Jones should restore some balance to this pass-heavy offense. 8 - The Lions play defense! Who knew?

Maybe the Lions can play a little bit of defense after all.

Mlive: 9 - Not impressed by the Bears. No one was, actually.

The Lions reappear in the top 10 after stuffing the not-so-intimidating Bears at Soldier Field.

Football Outsiders / AOL: 23 - Using their DVOA ratings, they don't think all that much of the Lions' start. Damn buzz killers!

Jon Kitna is racking up yards, but not in a particularly efficient or effective manner. His 2.4% DVOA is right in line with his 2006 DVOA of 3.9%. 12 - All hail Mike Martz!

The Lions were outplayed last week in Tampa Bay, but hung in there and brought home a victory. Is there any doubt that Mike Martz is the top offensive mind in the game today?

Real Football 365
: 11 - They're AMAZED!

Before the season, who expected the Lions to sweep the defending NFC champion/North division-rival Bears? What an amazing story Detroit has been.

Most Valuable Network: 11 - Brings up Jon Kitma's 10 win prediction, but thinks our favorite bible thumping QB will come up just short.

Will Jon Kitna be right about the Lions winning 10 games this season? Don’t count on it with them playing the Packers twice, two NFC East teams and the Chargers. Expect the Lions to go 9-7.

The Big Lead: 12 - Praises the Lions and their strategy to NOT kick to Devin Hester. Tell that to Nick Harris...

Finally, a team that keeps the ball away from Devin Hester. See, it works!

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