Thursday, November 01, 2007

5 reasons Curt Schilling needs to be a Detroit Tiger

As if you haven't heard, Curt Schilling has let it be known on his blog what 13 teams he deems acceptable to play for in 2008. Surprisingly, the Detroit Tigers are one of those teams.

Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., S.D., Arizona, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, Milwaukee.

The consensus amongst the Tigers blogging Hoi Polloi is that the signing of Schilling is something the Tigers have to explore. As a Hoi Polloi wannabe, I have to say I concur with their opinions, but for more than just the reason that Schilling is still a very effective pitcher, especially in big games.

1. So Detroit fans can hopefully have their own post season bloody sock legend. The closest thing we have to a Tigers leg/ankle related legend is Dave Rozema's knee exploding karate kick during the memorable bench clearing, fist flying melee between the Tigers and Twins in May 1982. (You Tube goodness below for the youngsters too young to remember that wondrous ass kicking brawl)

2. The Tigers can corner the market on crafty 40 something pitchers, with Schilling hopefully joining The Gambler and The Rollercoaster on the pitching staff. Hell, while they're at it, the Tigers should inquire into the availability of Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Woody Williams, Jamie Moyer, David Wells, and Greg Maddox, and start an old folks home for wayward pitchers.

3. We bloggers will always have something to link to, considering Schilling's penchant for promoting himself and his opinions through his blog. Maybe Schilling will link to TWFE! We can only dream...

4. Exciting 20 page long flame wars started by Schilling in the forums at Schilling needs to find a new message board to haunt, now the The Sons of Sam Horn will no longer welcome him.

5. He can recruit BoSox free agent 3rd baseman Mike Lowell to come along with him, so Brandon Inge can go back to what he does best, sit on the bench. Or he can do that super-sub thing he did in 2005...

If those 5 reasons aren't enough to convince you that Schilling to the Tigers is a no-brainer, here's a bonus 6th reason.

6. He's Curt Fucking Schilling!

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