Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Telling the MSM to "Kiss my butt" is silly and counterproductive....

Let alone it's not a pleasant thought picturing the "Worst columnist in Americs," or the Little Fella, actually doing so... Ewww.

We've seen it all too often with the Lions. Win a few games, get off to a good start, surprise a few teams, some Lions feel a need to mouth off about it. The latest to do so being Mike Furrey's statement he wanted all to hear after their win over Tampa.

"Hey media, we are 4-2. You can kiss my butt!"

Don't the players have better things to do that read their press clippings, or listen to sports talk radio, looking for any reason to believe they are being disrespected? Just win a few more games, and the cynicism that surrounds the Lions may finally lift.

When Roy Williams, of all people, is the voice of reason, that's telling me something. He knows how quickly a good start can turn into an ugly losing season, as he saw a 4-2 start in 2004 become just a footnote in what became an awful 6-10 season. Still, his quote seems a tad new age.

"I don't think we have momentum, we just have each other."

Awww. Hey, whatever works...

I do prefer Williams' "We're buddies in a foxhole" sort of thinking, compared to Furrey's media grandstanding. You'd think, considering their different backgrounds and reputations, that it would be Williams dishing out the media trash talk.

Williams putting his foot in his mouth is to be expected, as he often seems to lack a filter for his thoughts. That it came from Furrey, someone who's had to work for every scrap of NFL respect he now has, disturbs me. If he can fall into the "We deserve respect from the media" trap, you have to wonder how many Lions have the same attitude.

I hope it's just the exuberance coming off of a big win that caused Furrey to mouth off. Dominic Raiola claims that's all it was, nothing more. As he put it, "He (Furrey) was fired up."

be it fired up, or actually feeling a lack of respect, what the fans and media think should be the LAST thing on the player's minds.

What should be on their minds?

1. Beat the Bears!
2. Will I get laid after we beat the Bears?
3. Do have time to play some Madden after we beat the Bears?
4. The Big 10 Network sure is a clusterfuck!
5. Why does Coach Marinelli walk like he has a stick up his ass?
6. I have Shaun Rogers at 387 lbs in the pool, I gotta be close!
7. Beat the Bears!
8. Where Millen been hiding?
9. Is that really Tim Donaghy's cousin on "30 Rock?"
10. Beat the Bears!
11. How does Tom Brady get all that poon?
12. I'm benching every Bear on my fantasy team, as we are going to beat the Bears!
13. Seriously, why does Marinelli walk like that?
14. Why did Mark Cuban get eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars?" DAMN!
15. Beat the Bears!
16. Peyton Manning has one big ass head!
17. Is Ohio State really the number 1 team?
18. Lee Corso has a baby arm? Who knew?
19. Beat the Bears!
20. I need to pick up some beer. After we beat the BEARS!

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