Monday, October 15, 2007

Remember my trade demand? I didn't really mean it...

Tatum Bell on Friday: Play me or trade me, DAMMIT!

Tatum Bell today:

Never mind...

In his denials, Bell is using that hoary old stand by, "The media blew it up."

"But it wasn’t really just demanding a trade or nothing like that. The media blew it up."

That's about as believable an excuse as "The dog ate my homework." Despite the lame excuse, Bell continued to deny, deny, deny...

"It wasn’t no talks of me getting traded."

Uh...What? Talk about mangling the English language. Considering that a double negative resolves to a positive, Bell is actually confirming that there were trade talks, right?

Bell's trade "Demand" was all a tempest in a teapot, anyway. He was going nowhere, both literally, as the Lions weren't about to trade Bell, as they are lacking depth at running back, and metaphorically, as even the thought of Bell being able to gain rushing yards behind the Lions offensive line, or in Mike Martz's pass insane scheme, is laughable.

I guess you're stuck in the D till January, Tatum. Hope you enjoy your stay as Kevin Jones' insurance policy. Considering his injury history, I'm sure you'll get plenty of chances this season to average 3 yards a carry.

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  1. If Tatum Bell didn't use the all-time overused excuse - "I was taken out of context" - I'm almost willing to give him a pass. I'm so sick of hearing that one.