Monday, October 15, 2007

Jalen Rose doesn't want us to forget the "Fab 5"

Jalen Rose had a billboard erected on the Lodge freeway honoring the the state of Michigan's most famous, and infamous, college team, the Michigan Wolverines' Fab 5 .

As you can see, the word Rose uses to describe that era is "Timeless."

Personally, a few other words come to mind when thinking about the Fab 5.

Time out
Never won a title
Mitch Albom fiction
Ed Martin
Numbers running
Cakes containing money
Lots and lots of money
Explorer roll over
Refusing to talk
Lawyering up
Self imposed sanctions
NCAA sanctions
History erased
Brian Ellerbee
Tommy Amaker
Perennial 2nd division team

1 comment:

  1. What, no billboard for FFII? I think the world would love to remember Willie Mitchell, Albert White, Travis Conlan, Jarrod Ward and Maceo Baston.

    What about FFIII, the bums Ellerbe brought in who sucked so badly I can't remember anyone but Jamal Crawford and Leland Anderson?