Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Live blogging the Detroit Lions at the NFL trade deadline

I'm live blogging all Lions activity as we come up on the 2007 NFL trade deadline...

1:00 pm - //crickets chirping//

2:00 pm - //crickets still chirping//

3:00 pm - The Lions waive special teamer Donte Curry! WOW! OMG!!!! That opens up a roster space! I'm on pins and needles here at TWFE HQ! OK, OK, I admit I'm making something out of nothing, but the NFL trade deadline is so...so...meh. //crickets begin chirping again//

The one word that sums up the NFL trade "Deadline" perfectly

4:00 pm - //crickets stop chirping out of sheer boredom//

And that's it for the live blog. It's been real fun!

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