Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In other Lions news...

While I was writing my diatribe on patience, the big news out of Allen Park this afternoon was the Kevin Jones will start at running back against Tampa, and will get the majority of the carries. Tatum "I want out, but won't actually admit it publicly," Bell will be the (Unhappy) backup.

LOOK! It's a bird, it's a plane, it''s...
Oh, it's just that Lions running back that gets hurt all the time.

I was concerned when I heard that Jones would have the bulk of the workload upon his shoulders, then I remembered that in the Lions' offense, the "Bulk of the workload" means 8 carries. Maybe 10, tops, if Mike Martz throws all caution to the wind!

Even with the bad wheel, Jones should be able to handle being the primary back in Martz's pass 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, run 7th, offense. But why do I have a nagging feeling that we'll see Aveion Cason getting touches?

I'm telling you now, I'm gonna lose it if Cason gets even 1 touch over Jones, Bell, TJ Duckett, Jon Bradley, Jon Kitna, any of the wide receivers and tight ends, Barry Sanders, Altie Taylor, Dexter Bussey, Greg Landry, Nick Eddy, Mel Farr (Superstar), or William Clay Ford...Jr and Sr.


  1. Your failure to appreciate the skills of Mr. Cason show that you, sir, are not an offensive genius.

  2. Al, Have you heard from the Atlanta fans who flamed you about their man Joey Blue Skies lately? I see that he has found the bench--better than he ever did he receivers--after only six games. To think, it only took two weeks for Byron Leftwich to beat him out of a job. I should think that you would be entitled to find one of the blogs that trashed you and send them your best about their not quite ready for prime time QB, Joey Piano. Maybe if Kitna goes down in the 4th quarter of one of those 56-7 blowouts the Lions can bring Joey in to finish out the season.

  3. I was fighting some writer's block, thanks so much for the post idea! When all else fails, write about Joey Blue Skies!

    I'm not an offensive genius, eff? Damn, I'll try to be more offensive from now on!