Monday, October 29, 2007

According to ESPN, Favre >>> Any deity

After watching the 4 letter literally get down on their knees, and suck off Brett Favre for the entirety of the MNF pregame, I hope to God that Favre and Green Bay get their asses kicked from Denver, all the way to fucking Kiln, Mississippi, and back to Cheesehead Land.

Please, enough of making an over the hill, turnover prone QB out to a deity. You wouldn't have even known that the Broncos were even playing, it's been nothing but "Farve! FAVRE! FAVRE!"

It's been so over the top, even the ESPN suits have to be saying, "Jesus Christ, what were we thinking?!"


  1. Amen. I'm SOOO sick of the media Farve-love. I like him for his competitive, but fun-loving attitude he brings to the game, but he's WAY overrated. What's he done to deserve all this praise except win a Super Bowl 10 years ago and lose another one 9 years ago. He's done zilch since, except knock his team out of the playoffs three years in a row with stupid interceptions in clutch situations. I've never seen someone ride a one-year performance to such continued acclaim as this guy.

  2. From your blog to God's PC, Big Al!

  3. Jason, I'm almost afraid to turn on SNF or MNF when the Pack is playing, as it turns into a Favre love-fest. You are correct, Farve hasn't been at the top of his game for a quite a while. We in Detroit have seen Favre at he worst. The stupid throws, the game losing picks, losing to the Lions in Detroit, more often than not, even though the Pack were a better team. Favre's a HOFer, but no other QB gets excused like he does for bad decision making.

    Thanks Chip! I hope the new gig is going well!