Sunday, September 09, 2007

What? The Lions are...winning?

We've seen a better 2nd quarter from Jon Kitna, and the Lions as a whole, for that matter, as they are up 10-0 at the half.

Detroit has also been helped by Shawn Rogers' knack for blocking kicks, and the scattershot leg of Sebastian Janikowski, which has conspired to keep the Raiders off the board. 0-3 from your fat, dumb, and Polish kicker is no way to win a game.

Kitna may have gotten away with one on the TD pass to Roy Williams, as it's never advisable to throw back towards the middle while rolling out. But Williams was so wide open, I can't blame him for making, let alone completing, the throw. I'm not going to complain about a 16-21-164-1-1 1st half, though Kitna's end zone pick was ugly.

Mike Martz looks to have given up on the running game just 1 half into the season, with only 6 rushing attempts (The other is a Kitna kneel down). But we pretty much knew that was going to be the Lions MO going into the season. If you are going to throw the ball 70+% of the time, you need to keep pressure away from Kitna. With only 1 sack, surprisingly, the Lions O-line has done just that against what was supposed to be a good Raiders D.

I'm not sure what to say about the Lions defense so far, as Oakland's offense is, to be generous, bad. The Lions' pass rush has been non-existent, and Josh McCown has put up decent, if somewhat empty (Kitna-esque), 1st half stats. But to the Lions credit, their defense stiffened when the Raiders drover into their territory, and kept the Raiders out of the end zone.

All in all, not a horrible 1st half for the Lions.

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