Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stupid QB play will drive you crazy - Detroit Lions 1st quarter thoughts

To open the game, the Vikings efficiently drove down the field, in much the same way the Raiders did last Sunday, with a mixture of Adrian Peterson runs and short passes. But with 3rd and short inside Detroit's 25, Tarvaris Jackson tries to force a silly pass into a crowd of Lions, and Shaun Cody executes the tip drill to perfection, picking off the deflected pass at the 20.

That turnover was ALL on Jackson. It was almost Kitna-esque.

The Lions have abandoned the running game altogether to start the game. Kitna throwing all over the field, leading the Lions into the red zone.

But once again, same as last week, Kitna throws an ugly end zone pick on the opening drive. With all kinds of time, Kitna throws towards a totally covered Roy Williams. The Vikes Darren Sharper walks the tight rope, making a nice play for the pick.

Truly a Kitna-esque play...

Sgt. Marinelli then compounds the stupidity by challenging the play, though the 1st replay FOX runs shows Sharper getting both feet in bounds. Call stands, challenge blown, loss of a time out. Just wonderful game management by Marinelli...

So far, Peterson is getting yards in bunches for the Vikings, and the Lions threw the ball at will. We'll see if the defenses bother to show up between the 20's...

And...It's the Lions whom are first to make a 3rd down stop, forcing a Viking punt! It's a miracle! Or Tarvaris Jackson's bad judgment, take your pick.

MLB update! After 7 1/2, the Tigers are beating the Twins 6-2. It's still a pennant race, folks!

Kitna is spreading the ball around, Furrey, McDonald, Williams, and McHugh have all caught passes. The Lio9ns have run 15 plays, and only 2 have been runs. I've heard of using the pass to set up the run, but this is ridiculous. Then again, the passing game is their biggest strength and Lions receivers are running free and easy in the Vikings D-backfield, why the Hell not?

Then on 3rd and short, Kitna mishandles the ball on a bootleg, recovering his own fumble, but losing 10-15 yards in the process. Once again, Kitna's knack for putting the ball in jeopardy kills what was looking like a solid scoring opportunity.

FOX puts up a stat, -3 rushing yards for the Leos in the 1st quarter. Ouch...

And the 1st quarter ends scoreless, with each offense shooting themselves in the foot. Lots of action, and plenty of empty stats, but nothing on the scoreboard.

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