Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kitna's hurt, it's JT What's-His-Name's team now - Detroit Lions 2nd quarter thoughts

To open the 2nd quarter, Jackson throws a moonball down the sideline, and it's a Keith Smith pick! Just an awful pass by Jackson. Actually, it was a very bad pass, but it was quite a nice punt. Small favors if you are a Vikings fan.

After the pick, you can add Calvin Johnson to the receiving parade, then Brian Calhoun, as Kitna is 2-2 in the 2nd quarter. Kitna is well on his way to another 300+ yard passing game.

Super genius Mike Martz is pulling out all the stops, calling a Williams end around that goes for a 1st down. Detroit is moving the ball at will, between the 20's, anyway.

The Lions are in the red zone again, let's see if they can put points on the board. Whoa! Kitna absolutely threads the needle between 2 Vikings, and Roy Williams hangs on for the 9 yard TD pass! I thought it was broken up, and so did FOX's Matt Vasagerian. Williams fooled us all...

With the kick by the Lions offensive MVP Jason Hanson, it's 7-0 good guys.

But the Vikings' Troy Williamson takes the kickoff, and returns it right back into Lions territory. He's knocked out of bounds by the Lions special teams MVP, Jason Hanson.

MLB update! 6-3 Tigers, top of 9 in at the Baggiedome. Put on your helmets and buckle up, as Todd Jones is warming up in the pen. If all goes well //knock on wood//, the Tigers might be only 1 1/2 games back of the Yankees on Monday morning.

Oh shit... The Lions staff are working on Kitna's back on the sidelines. This is not good, not good at all. Good Lord, he best not be hurt.

Rod Marinelli is awful slow on the uptake, throws a challenge flag a good 30 seconds too late, avfter the Vikes spike the ball in order to get a quick play off, as they know they got away with one. Jackson was credited with a 1st down completion on a ball that was short hopped by the receiver, but called a catch. The Sarge may be a good motivator, but his in game decision making blows goats. That's 2 fucked up challenges for Marinelli so far...

It's a costly fuck up, as a Peterson catch (Running over half the Lions D in the process), and a Jackson scamper later, the game is tied at 7.

MLB update! Todd Jones allows a triple to the 1st batter he faces. Good thing the Tigers have a 3 run cushion, right?

Shitfuck! Kitna is hurt, out for at least this series, and probably longer, according to FOX. JT What's-His Name is in at QB, it's the worst case scenario!

Wonderful, just wonderful. The sucky backup who has never played any significant time in a regular season NFL game is now under center. The Lions offense will change from a loose cannon into a popgun...

So far, O'Sullivan has moved the Lions to midfield, but mostly on dump offs. He's not finding the open receivers downfield, unlike Kitna. The Vikes do finally force a punt. The McCown trade has already come back to bite the Lions in the ass.

MLB update! 6-4 Tigers, with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th, the Twins have a runners on 1st and 3rd, Justin Morneau at the plate. And the Rollercoaster walks Morneau! ARRGH!

The Lions force a punt, let's see if O'Sullivan can do something, anything. He hits Williams deep down the middle of the field, and Roy picks up another 15 yards after his helmet is ripped off! 42 yard completion! OK, back to the Tigers...

MLB update, bases loaded for the Twins. God dammit!!! DAMNDAMNDAMN! Whew, Jones gets out of it on a bang-bang fielders' choice at 2nd! Tigers are only 2 out of the wild card. Jesus H. Christ, I'm too old for this shit! Back to the Lions...

2 minute warning, 3 and 1 at the Vikings' 15 . And...Tatum Bell gets hit in the backfield before he even gets to the line of scrimmage. The Lions can't run the ball to save their lives.

Surprisingly, the Lions are going to go for it on 4th and a yard! It looks like O'Sullivan is just trying to draw an offsides...AND HE GETS IT, VIKES JUMP!!!

Holy mother of God, that was pure, unadulterated stupidity by the Vikings!

No matter, as the Lions get no yardage on 3 plays, and the Lions all-around MVP, Jason Hanson, puts up 3 points. 10-7, Detroit Lions lead.

Christ, I'm still catching my breath after that near blown save by Jones... Let me check, see if the game is still over... Yep, I wasn't imagining things!

Vikes ball near their own 20, Jackson dumps off a short pass to Moore, and it goes for 20+ yards! Damn! The Lions are bailed out on a offensive holding call! Detroit has definitely gotten the breaks to this point. Cripes, the Vikings convert for a 1st down anyway, on a Moore run. The Lions are just trying to get the clock to run out, as the ball is only on the Vikings 30.

The Vikings continue to shoot themselves in the foot, another holding call on what was a completed pass. Not a well played 2nd quarter by either team. To top it off, the Vikes get called for procedure.

They have time for 1 play, from their own 42. Here comes the "Hail Mary!" AND...It falls harmlessly out of bounds...

It's 10-7 Lions at the half. The teams have combined for 404 total yards. At least the Vikings have nearly a 50-50 pass/rush yardage ratio. As for the Lions? Well...Not quite. 214 yards passing, 12 yards rushing.

I'm not sure what to expect from the Lions in the 2nd half if Kitna is out. Keep your fingers crossed, it may be a bumpy ride...

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