Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Milton Bradley is a hot tempered loon. Why does that mean he can't be in the right?

You all have seen the latest Milton Bradley incident, with his losing all semblance of sanity while railing against the (Alleged) derogatory comments made by MLB umpire Mike Winters. The confrontation ended with Bradley shredding his ACL, ending his season, and giving the San Diego Padres' playoff chances a punch in the gut.

What I've found surprising is the reaction from the masses, in that many, if not the majority of baseball fans, think Bradley got his just desserts, so to speak. Personally, I think if the allegations made by Bradley, and his first base coach Bobby Meacham, are true, then I can understand Bradley's intense anger.

If this had happened to any other player than the loony, assholish Bradley, would people be so quick to say he got what he deserved? Since the reputation of Bradley is one of a hot headed asshat, many think that there is no way his reaction was justified. I mean, come on, it's Milton Bradley! He's CRAZY! But even loons can have good reason to get upset.

The vast majority of the blame should be placed upon Winters. As someone who is supposed to uphold the integrity of the game, an authority figure whose judgment supposed to be totally unbiased, the umpire needs to be held accountable for his utter douchebaggery in enticing Bradley into a confrontation.

Yes, I agree that Bradley is a big time dick, and is this close to being certifiable, that's without question. In most any other circumstance, he wouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt from me. His track record of insane outbursts is as long as your arm. But going by Meacham’s reaction to the umpire's words, along with his confirming Bradley’s story in saying it was “The most disconcerting conversation I have heard from an umpire to a player,” and Helton being quoted as saying the conversation was “Interesting,” I actually buy Bradley’s version of events.

I doubt Meacham would want to sully his reputation by lying for the likes of Bradley, even if he is one of his players.

From all appearances, the ump was outright baiting Bradley, looking for a confrontation. Winters got it when he crossed a line in calling him “A fucking piece of shit.” If I were in Bradley’s shoes, I would have gone apeshit too. The difference being, if I go nuts, I'm going to yell and scream. If Bradley goes nuts, death or maiming are your only two options.

If the truth comes out that Winters initiated the entire fiasco, I hope MLB throws the book at him. As for discipline, of course Bradley deserves a multi-game suspension. But Winters, who's supposed to be a bastion of integrity on the diamond, deserves a much worse fate, up to losing his job.


  1. It'll probably all come down to Helton. If he supports the claims, which seems a reasonable conclusion, then the ump is toast. And should be.

  2. I hope we find out what truly took place in that altercation, though I think we already have a pretty good idea, based on eyewitness accounts.

    I totally agree that Mike Winters deserves most of the blame for this. We've been seeing this far too often recently: Umpires relishing confrontation and baiting players into it.

    Sure, they have to stand up for themselves if they're attacked. They have to uphold their credibility as authority figures within the game.

    But hurling profanity-laced insults at players? How exactly is that conducive to maintaining order and authority?

  3. if you lipread it looks like Winters said "fucking infant". The difference is players are ejected from the game and can come back the next day. Umps arn't ejected. I don't think Winters should loose his job. His suspension is enough.