Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Marlboro Man wants a contract extension

Jim Leyland has told the media that he wants a contract extension, and will be meeting with the Tigers on Monday to discuss it. Is there anyone who thinks that the Marlboro Man hasn't earned it? Anyone? Didn't think so.

"I can buy and sell you, punk!"

If I'm Dave Dombrowski, my only response to Leyland would be, "Let me get my pen!"

Dombrowski will do anything, short of giving Leyland a blank check, to lock him down. Then again, as Leyland has become the face of a franchise that was once the Siberia of baseball, and is now a team that others want to emulate, maybe the blank check scenario makes sense. No matter what the amount may be, it's a check Mike Ilitch will be more than happy to cut.

Leyland also said that he wasn't looking to manage anywhere else, and would only want to sign 1 year contract extensions from here on out. I immediately thought of the old Brooklyn/LA Dodgers manager, Walter Alston, who signed 23 one year contracts. I doubt we'll see something that extreme from Leyland, but I seriously doubt the Tigers will have to look for another manager anytime soon. It'll be sometime after 2010, at the earliest.

It's fitting that Jim Leyland's illustrious managerial career will end with the team that gave him his start. It also confirms the Tigers should be a very good team for several seasons to come.

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