Sunday, June 03, 2007

The most hated Detroit Tiger since Juan Gone is cut. Fans rejoyce, praise every supreme being

You'd think that the Tigers were on a 10 game winning streak if you went by the reaction in Tigers nation that Jose Mesa is no longer bullpen enemy number one.

Motownsports has a 2 page, 60+ post long thread about his release, entirely celebratory. Here's a small sampling of the overjoyed reaction...

dbt: I'm an atheist but you better believe I thanked God when I saw this headline.
markmeista: Terribly unoriginal, but I almost want to change my username to MesaGoneForever. Seventeen or eighteen outings too many, in my opinion. I never liked that they signed the guy in the first place.
Bondo: About freaking time
monkeytargets37: WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

Jim Leyland took the high road...

“This guy has been a tremendous pitcher,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “I’m proud I got a chance to manage him.”

Bloggers weren't quite so complementary, as a 12.34 ERA in 11 2/3 innings won't make you many friends.

Tiger Tales:

Most Tiger fans will be happy to see Mesa and his 12.34 ERA gone and many were mystified as to why they picked him up in the first place. The Tigers will have to eat the remainder of his 2.5 million dollar salary.

D-Town Baseball:

This isn’t a surprise other than it took so long with his 12.34 ERA but he cemented this move in his last outing against Cleveland giving up 4 runs in a single inning pitched.

Gorilla Crouch:

The Tigers bullpen has been a mess this season but manager Jim Leyland and team president Dave Dombrowski showed that there is a limit to the amount of foolishness they are willing to put up with. After today’s 9-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians the team release Jose Mesa. The 55 year old reliever proved to be only effective at relieving the bases of opposing players.

In 11.7 innings of work he gave up 19 hits and 6 walks. But what’s really impressive is how efficient he was in giving up runs: Mesa allowed 16 runs to score in just under 12 innings!

Mack Avenue Tigers:

I thought of using this in a roundup, but I figured I’d just toss it out there right now. Jose Mesa did put the Olde English D on a few more times, but he never got into a game after blowing yet again against the Indians Thursday.

At last, Mesa is gone.

I called Mesa a gas can who was the 2nd most hated man in Detroit, behind only Matt Millen. His being cut was long overdue. The nightmare is over.

Goodbye Joe Table, your parting ways with the Tigers is for the best. I only ask one more thing.

Could you take Neifi with you?

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