Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mack Avenue Tigers roundtable discussion alert

Kurt, the author of the must read Detroit Tigers site, Mack Avenue Tigers, wanted to talk Tigers with a few Detroit-centric, but not just Tiger-centric, bloggers.

He has posted a Detroit Tigers first quarter report roundtable discussion between himself, Scott of Mlive's "The Cutoff Man" and his personal sports and pop culture blog, "Quo Vadimus," Matt from "Detroit Bad Boys" and also the "AOL Fanhouse" and yours truly.

We answered 3 queries from Kurt:

Now that we’ve passed the quarter-way mark on the season, what are your expectations for the Tigers? How have they changed?

What or who has been the biggest surprise for you?

Fill in the blank: For the Tigers to continue to be contenders, ____ must ____.

Head over to Mack Avenue Tigers to see what resulted.

1 comment:

  1. What? A roundtable discussion featuring real people, pertinent questions and intelligent responses, and NOT featuring fictitious bum/cabdirvers with filthy mouths created by a lonely student in the law library. I didnt think such a world existed. Sure I look out the windows and see children playing, lovers holding hands, and pandas riding unicorns but I thought it was all a mirage. (Turns away from window longingly) No! I can't venture past these walls because that would upset father and we don't want that. (Tears clothes and howls at the moon, resumes studying Family Law).......