Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LeBron will get all the credit, and it's undeserved

You'll hear the MSM rave how LeBron James took over, and won tonight's game for the Cavs. Don't believe it. James played well, but he's not the reason Cleveland won.

The Cavs won because the Pistons made stupid decisions with the ball. Yet Detroit still nearly won the game anyway, which makes it all the more infuriating.

I give up, I can't figure the Detroit Pistons out. I don't know what team is going to show up on game night. I sure as Hell wouldn't want to be in Flip Saunders' shoes, as this team is a fucking mystery. I doubt he can figure them out either.

What I saw was the same shit, different night. The Pistons didn't show up at all in the 1st half, as usual. They did play an excellent 3rd, as usual, but decided to throw the ball all over Ohio in the 4th quarter.

What I saw was the Pistons pissing another playoff game away. It's frustrating as Hell watching the more talented team make silly, stupid, and asinine decisions with and without the ball.

What I saw was a point guard having another bad game. What was Chauncey Billups thinking late in the game? Wait, he wasn't thinking at all, if you go his strange decision making in the final 1:30. He started the stretch with an awful turnover, then piled on that mistake with a stupid foul even though there was 1 minute plus on the clock, then jacked up an ill-advised 3 ball that misfired, then ballhanding rather than shooting as the final seconds were ticking off.

Where's the real Chauncey Billups? I have to ask, as the guy on the court is not the Billups we've seen during his entire Detroit career.

Two stats says it all about the Pistons' starting point guard. 2 assists, 5 turnovers. That's going to be your max contract player?

I saw a power forward on the verge of going off the charts insane. Does anyone think that Rasheed Wallace will make it through the entire playoffs without being suspended? I really don't know if it's possible at this point, now that he has 5 T's.

I've given 'Sheed the benefit of the doubt since he arrived in the D, but getting T'ed up in a game like tonight's is outright stupid. Blame the refs all you want, but he had a T, and probably more, coming. And don't get me going on how he let James go to the hole, and rather than take him down or chance getting posterized again, just stepped back and let James thunder through. Bill Laimbeer would never have let that happen. Hell, Jason Maxiell wouldn't have let that happen.

I saw a center that is out of gas, and has nothing left to give. Chris Webber has maybe 10 effective minutes a game left in him. After that, he's just taking up space. If I'm Saunders, I'm giving the majority, if not all, his minutes to Antonio McDyess and Jason Maxiell.

Worst of all, I saw a Pistons team that lacked any sense of urgency, and full of hubris. Then again, I've seen their "We can turn it on at will" and "It's how we roll" attitude series after series after series. Why should I be surprised?

This series is going 7 games. The Pistons have given me no reason to believe otherwise. Christ, we see another performance like this, the series is ending in 6, and the Pistons are going home to face a very questionable future.

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  1. It has gotten to the point for me where I honestly forget that Chris Webber is on the team until reading about how he did nothing the next day.

    It was good to see Rip come back and play well, but Mr. Big Slop...I can't figure him out either. Or Sheed for that matter. He showed amazing restraint after the stupid foul committed by Gooden, if I'm remembering correctly, but then to lose it at that point in the game??? Terrible.