Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Warm up your octopus throwing arm, it's time for the NHL playoffs

How on earth can the number 8 seed be considered the favorite over a the 1 seed in a playoff series? When you are talking about the NHL.

I'm not sure what to make of the Red Wings going into the playoffs. I think most fans feel the same way, considering the fact that more than a few playoff tickets are still available. Go to the Red Wings web site, and you are greeted by a huge splash page saying that first and second round tickets are "On Sale Now!"

Between the slower than expected ticket sales, and after all the recent early round flameouts, it appears that the fanbase is telling the Wings to "Prove it" before they fully commit to jumping on the bandwagon.

It may be the quietest this area has been in 15 years about a Red Wings playoff team. Let alone a number 1 seeded Red Wings team. I think I know what's up.

There's nothing in sports more painful to a fan than a tightly played Stanley Cup playoff loss. We're all holding our breath for the first bad loss. You all know the type I'm talking about.

The Wings out play the opposition for long stretches, out shoot them by 35 shots, yet somehow lose 2-1 in double OT, while we all stay up past 1 am watching the painful loss. You know it's going to happen. It happens every playoff season. As of late, it seems as if every Red Wings playoff loss follows that M.O.

I'm not going to break down the series with Calgary. It's being done 10x better by the Wings' bloggers. All I can add is that I'm feeling somewhat more confident about the Wings playoff chances this season than I have since the 2002 Red Wings. If they are healthy, and get good goaltending, expect some late nights over the next 2 months.

I'm not all that worried about the goaltending, as a healthy Dominik Hasek trumps most, if not all. As for health? I'm holding my breath (Again) and waiting to see who's on the ice for game 1. And who remains healthy after game 1.

We'll know much more as of Thursday night, when the most hotly contested playoffs in all of sports begin. I can't wait...

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