Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday night ramblings...

I've been a little under the weather the last few days, which has led to me not feeling like posting all that much. It has also led me to watching too much TV and aimlessly surfing the web. The GF says I need to get out of the house more, to blow out the cobwebs, so to speak. I'll try to do so, as I want to stay on her good side. In the meantime, to blow out the mental cobwebs. here's some rambling thoughts...

James Brown may be the best in-studio host around. As for play-by-play? JB is on the sweet side of awful. Gus Johnson was sorely missed Friday night, and will be again Sunday. The nation, if not the entire world. needs more Gus Johnson...

Why doesn't Greg Oden touch the ball on EVERY possession? For the most part, I like Thad Motta as a couch, but the way Oden disappears on offense for minutes at a time is unfathomable to me.

The more I watch the college basketball the last few weeks, the more I want Joe Dumars to hang on to both of the Pistons' first round draft picks. Someone damn good is going to be available in the middle of the round, which is where the Magic's pick is going to be. Could Acie Law drop that far? I'm pipe dreaming, I know. Still, this is Dumars' chance to redeem his drafting rep. One suggestion for you Joe, don't listen to Chad Ford when he goes off praising the next 7 foot tall Euro teenager. OK?

So the Pistons lost both games in Texas. Big f'n deal. It's just 2 of 82. They are still in good shape, and I like their chances of having a long playoff run. I mean, it's the Eastern Conference! 2 losses aren't going to change their chances one bit.

What about 'Sheed earning another game off, thanks to "T" number 18? At this point, I find it hilarious. With the baby eating Jason Maxiel around, I don't worry all that much about 'Sheed missing a game. Considering that once the playoffs start, 'Sheed has a 7 technical cushion, I'm not going to get all uptight about the incompetent NBA referees, and their targeting of 'Sheed. Nothing is going to be done, so consider it the cost of having Rasheed Wallace on your team. He brings plenty enough to the party to offset the technical fouls.

Sitting in my new (to me) apartment today, I couldn't help but notice one of my neighbors in the parking lot spending his afternoon installing an alarm on a couple year old Ford Focus 4-door. All I could think of was, "Why?" I'm guessing it's to wake my ass up at 3:30 in the morning. Does anyone even pay attention to car alarms anymore? Well, other than to say, "Boy, that's damn annoying..."

It warms my cockles to hear Bill Rafterty during the NCAA's. You can tell he loves what he's doing. "ONIONS!" On the other hand, doesn't Billy Packer come off as not really liking the game? Packer is curmudgeonly to a fault. It's honestly become a chore to listen to Jim Nantz and Packer do a game.

I'd like to see more Tracy Morgan as "Righteous Boy."

Now that I'm back living on my own, I'm finally in a position to be able to do a little more with my PC. All I can say is that I love bit torrent. I REALLY love bit torrent. I need a bigger hard drive, stat!

As a Michigan fan, is it all that bad rooting for tOSU in the tournament? Cause I am. I always root for the Big 10 teams. Always.

I absolutely blows having a plugged up ear. God damn cold is driving me batty.

Rafferty just a second ago... "OOOOOOO WOW! FROM DEEEEP!" He just has to do a game with Gus Johnson. I'd be a broadcast for the ages. Please, CBS?

For what it's worth, the Red Wings got absolutely jobbed during their OT shootout this afternoon. The puck went 5-hole, is caught deep between the pads, near the the ankles of Blues goalie Jason Bacashihua (What? Babaganoush maybe?), and he then slid all the way into the net. It was obvious on the replay. Come on, if Mickey Redmond thought it was a goal...It's a goal. Christ, the ref's made the exact opposite call on Dominik Hasek the play previous, giving the Blues a goal. That's the NHL for you... When the Wings go into OT anymore, I just chalk it up as only 1 point.

Does anyone know who Michigan is targeting to be their next coach? Anyone? It's been quiet in Ann Arbor. Maybe too quiet? Considering Kentucky is going to hire a high profile coach from a big time program, and THAT big time program is going to be looking for a high profile guy, and THAT program...Well, I think you can see where I'm going. Michigan just got knocked from being the most desirable job, to several down on the totem pole. Especially if they don't move decisively. Bill Martin best target his top candidate damn quick. Lon Kruger and UNLV got knocked out of the NCAA's last night. I hope to Hell that Martin was on the phone arraigning to talk to Kruger the minute their game ended.

I agree with those who have been saying that Tom Izzo isn't going anywhere. He'd be insane not to talk to Kentucky, if they come calling. I think we can all agree that Kentucky is the best...No, maybe not the best currently, but it is the highest profile job in college hoop. Any coach would be flattered to be considered. But MSU is already compensating Izzo like one of the best coaches in the biz, which he is, unquestionably. He doesn't need the grief that he would from Kentucky's Michigan football like fan base. Sweet sixteens and getting to the occasional Final Four isn't enough at KU, just as 10 win seasons, and winning a New Year's Day game isn't enough at U of M.

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  1. Reference your car alarm bit... maybe he was installing it for his wife/GF/SO for a little security and peace of mind. While people don't react to them in an urgent manner, it is still an attention getter that would/should be enough to fend off a would be criminal who intended to mug the driver of said vehicle. And why don't people react to car alarms? It's the same old story, too busy to be bothered with other people's problems, until "it" happens to them. At which point they want EVERYONE to be involved and get pissed when nobody does......