Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TWFE predicted Drew Sharp's Parcells to the Lions column. I also predicted the sun to rise in the east & 'Sheed to lead the league in T's

Yesterday, in my "Bill Parcells is never coming to the Lions" post, I predicted that at least one of the local ink stained wretches would call for the Lions to make a play for the Tuna. As always, Detroit columnists are as uninspired as Michigan's Rose Bowl play calling.

In today's Freep, Drew Sharp, out of fresh ideas, and considering he had a deadline, took the Parcells bait. I'd be convinced that I had some sort of ESP if the resulting column hadn't been so predictable...

Targeting Parcells is common sense -- but, of course, the Fords have long sought immunity from that virus. However, if the Lions endure another miserable season, the Fords inevitably will seek another new beginning, and they'd be smart to make a preemptive strike now.

What a flipping pipe dream. William Clay Ford has never been smart, have never done anything preemptively, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that they are about to start now.

Unfortunately for fans of good football everywhere, Matt Millen is going nowhere. This coulmn might be worth running 10 months from now, when the Lions will be in the midst of their 7th consecutive double digit losing season, and the fans are planing their yearly protest.

Until that time, calling for the Lions to make any front office changes are going to fall upon Ford's senile ears. Sharp's column was a waste of newsprint. What else is new?


  1. Is it wrong of me to wish that Drew Sharp dies a horrible death? As much as you hate wobb, I really dont think that there's a worse "journalist" than Sharp.

  2. What are next week's lotto numbers?

  3. Great job Big Al! You are the man!