Monday, January 01, 2007

Lloyd, I was so believing in you. Then the Rose Bowl happened...

I have a few quick thoughts on tonight's Michigan Wolverine debacle. And there's no debating it, the loss to USC was a debacle.

1. We are going to hear "Fire Lloyd" til the start of the 2007 season. You aren't going to hear it from me, as it's a waste of breath, and not yet deserved. For that matter, we all know Carr won't be given the ziggy, anyway. But after ending yet another season on a 0-2 downslide, Lloyd REALLY needs to beat tOSU next season. A bowl win would be nice, but Carr HAS to beat tOSU.

2. I have to admit, I didn't know that my little blog had so much influence. According to ABC's the Worldwide Leader's Herbstreit, Musburger, and Davie, the evil bloggers don't like Lloyd, and have plenty of say in the future direction of the Michigan program. If I had only known I had such clout, I'd have gotten Tommy Amaker's ass canned last year. I will say this, I promise to use my power wisely, and only for good.

3. Dwayne Jarrett is damn good. Jarrett is also an A number 1 first class asshole.

4. I've been trying not to say what we all have been thinking, and I didn't want to, but as the game went on, all that was running through my head was,"Lloyd is getting outcoached again." We saw the difference in coaching philosophies after USC went up 2 scores. If Carr had been in the Trojans' coach, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that Carr sits on that lead, plays conservatively, and ends up punting. The opposition would still have a sense of being in the game. Pete Carroll, on the other hand, went for the jugular. 4 passes later, the game, for all intents, was over. That drive KILLED Michigan. Dead.

5. The Wolverines finished 11-2. That is still one Hell of a season. So why am I feeling so damn disappointed?

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