Thursday, December 14, 2006

The dog days of blogging have arrived

Is there such a thing as the dog days of blogging? If so, these just may be them...

How many ways can you say the Lions suck, blow, and are lower than pond scum? Because I'm running out of 'em. Every week you think the Lions have reached rock bottom. The very next week they somehow reach down deep, and fall even farther into a black hole of suckage. Writing about the Matt Millen's Honolulu blue, silver, and a touch of black is comparable to shooting fish in a barrel. Save that the fish are smarter and have a plan.

The Tigers made their big moves close to a month ago, before the MLB owners took loss of their senses. There has been nothing all that exciting since, unless you are a fan of Brandon Inge, Guitar Hero, Rule 5 pickups, or trade rumors. In their case, no news is good news.

No insane contracts being thrown like so much confetti in the wind is even better news. Then again, if the Tigers are talking extensions (as rumored) with Jeremy Bonderman and Carlos Guillen, we may be stunned by the amount of money they will be demanding. If the likes of Gil Meche is worth $55 million, then Bonderman is going to be pulling in close to 9 figures.

As for the Red Wings and Pistons, there really isn't much going on with them either. They both have winning records, have been frustratingly streaky, and they aren't involved in any trade rumors. In the big scheme of things, both franchises are biding time till the playoffs.

Even talking about the Pistons getting involved in the Allen Iverson sweepstakes is wasting bandwith. Never going to happen. For that matter, the Pistons only seem to play hard when interested by an opponent, then coast the other 2/3 of the time. Why should we be interested, when the Pistons themselves seem bored?

It was interesting when the Wings got to play the Maple Leafs last weekend, for the first time in what seems like decades. Unfortunately, the Wings then went back to playing Nashville and Columbus (seemingly) 30 times a year. In other words, YAWN. The NHL has huge issues, and their strange schedule, trying to create rivalries where none exist, is problem number one. It could be easily fixed, but the NHL continues to ignore what their longtime hardcore fanbase really wants.

When it comes to the Wolverines, I'm suffering from BCS fatigue. I think most of us are at this point. Everyone within shouting distance of a microphone is yammering on about whom they think is more worthy of facing the bucknuts, and to be honest, I'm tired of the din. Enough already, and give the masses a playoff. Yeah, right. Pipe down, and don't bug me till late December, as there won't be any interesting bowl match ups till then.

I'm finding it hard to get fired up about college hoop. Sparty and the Wolverines haven't played anyone of consequence, save for the Worldwide Leader's meaningless time filler known as the "ACC-Big 10 Challenge." At least MSU has played a few tough games, but I find myself pining for the days when Tom Izzo had a gauntlet of an early schedule. Even if they lost their share, it made for some great match ups.

Michigan's out of conference games have been, to put it mildly, severely lacking. Come on, Wofford? U of M's schedule of creampuffs, cupcakes, and directional schools would be shameful for a high school team. No, let me take that back. It would be shameful for a junior high team. All I can say is that Tommy Amaker best be looking for new employment if the Wolverines can't make the NCAA's with their basically being spotted 12 games. The new year, and the Big 10 regular season, cannot get here soon enough.

Here's hoping things pickup on the Detroit sports landscape. Soon!

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