Monday, December 04, 2006

The BCS breaks hearts every year. Unfortunately, this season it's the Wolverines turn

As an unabashed fan of the Michigan Wolverines, for reasons we are all aware of, "cough BCS cough," I'm not happy today. I will say that I'm not upset with the Florida Gators, or their fans, as I'm sure they would have the same exact feelings as Wolverine fans do today. The BCS was going to ream somebody, it was the Wolverines' turn this season. Michigan joins USC, Auburn, and Oregon, as schools that were left standing at the championship game altar by the BCS.

But there are others that truly deserve our scorn.

Gary Danielson: When did he become a paid shill for Florida and the SEC? His performance during the SEC Championship made the best carnival sideshow barker jealous with his Gator hyperbole. He came off more slanted and biased than Beano Cook was when talking about Ron Powlus' 3 Heisman trophies or the greatness of JoePa. On Saturday night, the SEC had, for all intents and purposes, a paid advertisement on CBS for 3 + hours, with Danielson channeling Ron Popiel...

"It slices, it dices, it wins fluky games! Order now, and we'll throw in a BCS Championship game at no extra cost! Your ballots are standing by, VOTE NOW!"

Danielson did his damnedest to pimp the Gators to the BCS voters. As it turned out, it was one HELL of a sales job. I'm sure he'll get a nice bonus from the SEC.

Urban Meyer: The Gators' coach is damn near as slick as Cheatypants McSweaterVest. As good as a football coach Meyer might be, he makes an even better lobbyist. The running of his mouth continiously for the last 2 weeks, saying that a Michigan - tOSU rematch would be a farce, and that his team was more deserving, paid off in spades. I think Florida was made # 2 by the voters just to shut his whiny ass up. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let up with the"Woe is us" attitude till next September.

The Big Ten: If there ever was an event that should drive the staid Big 10 into making significant scheduling changes, and possibly changing it's makeup, the shuffling of Michigan out of the BCS #2 spot could be the straw that breaks the camels back. Florida had 3 extra weeks to impress the voters, let alone being able to play in a title game. Move the schedule to where U of M meets tOSU after Thanksgiving. Play the extra out of conference game after the tOSU game. Add a 12th team, go to a 2 division setup, and have a championship game. Anything to keep Big 10 teams in the eye of the pollsters. One thing is certain, Michigan not playing, while USC and Florida had the national stage unopposed, gives much credence to Kirk Herbstreit endorsed "Out of sight, out of mind" theory. It's time the Big Tenleven to enter the 21st century.

Harris poll voters: A motley crew of loons, used-to-bes, never-weres, and no-nothings with an agenda, pure and simple. Their vote for Florida was more of a vote against a UM - tOSU rematch, than a vote for the Gators. I thought the BCS was supposed to allow the #1 and #2 teams to meet, not what teams the voters think is "More deserving." If you'd watched either team at all, you'd see that Michigan has played better, more consistent, higher quality ball than Florida. Unfortunately, the moldy Harris voters have been watching "Matlock" reruns instead.

Division 1 college presidents: D1 football is the only college sport without a playoff. The schools are sitting on such a HUGE cash cow. A D1 football playoff would make the NCAA basketball tournament look like the NIT. The networks would back up to NCAA HQ with Brinks trucks full of cash. But no, the school presidents would rather stay with a convoluted, arcane, outmoded, and outright silly way of selecting the top 2 teams in the country. You'd think the heads of these schools of supposed higher learning would know better. Goes to prove that being book smart doesn't make you street smart.

FOX: Their BCS selection show was just plain awful, with a decided slant against the Rose Bowl. As soon as I saw that they had cameras in Gainesville, I knew that Michigan would be left out in the cold. And what's with those poor, clueless souls in Boise? Fill an arena to hear that BSU would play the Sooners? Must have been a damn slow night in Idaho. FOX may not be quite so happy to have the BCS rights when they saw the matchups. The most entertaining game will be the Michigan-USC Runner-up Bowl, which will be televised by ABC, thank God. Never thought I'd say that about the Rose Bowl, but that's what FOX's money has brought upon us.

One thing to keep in mind. Next season, it may be the team that you root for that gets shafted by the BCS. What it all comes down to is that a D1 football playoff makes too much sense for it to ever happen.

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  1. The team I root for is Michigan State. There's no way we ever have to worry about getting shafted by the BCS.

    But it's really too bad Michigan did -- and I think they did. They were deserving. I'll root for them in the Rose Bowl, which has potential to be the best of the bowl games I have to say.