Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gone fishin', metaphorically speaking...

If there is a week to take off from posting, a short holiday week is the time to do it. That being said, I'm taking the rest of the week away from TWFE.

I'm just getting over a stomach virus, and I'll be heading Up North with the GF for the weekend in a couple of hours, so the blog is taking a back seat for the week. Factor in that I'm feeling a little burned out after posting almost daily for 11 months, and I think taking a short hiatus will be in mine, and the blog's, best interest.

The earliest I'll be back on line will be Sunday. I'll be back posting on Monday, 11/27. Promise.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for reading!

Big Al


  1. That's okay, the Lions will still be here sucking when you get back.

    And yes, Happy Thanksgiving! May yours be full of warmth and good cheer

  2. I can't wait to see your Lions Thanksgiving Game Recap!

  3. And, how far up north do you go?