Monday, November 27, 2006

Back from the north country

I've finally returned to SE MI, after spending 4 days, as we Michiganders like to say, Up North. I was the Alpena area, to be exact. I was traveling with the GF, who, amazingly enough, didn't tire of my antics. She's a keeper!

A wonderful trip was had by all. One place I have to recommend from our visit is the Hubbard Lake Tavern, where the GF and I spent our Wednesday night imbibing, socializing, and having a great time in general.

While I was away, the only game I got to see in full was the Lions annual Turkey Day embarrassment. Not even shots of homemade Applejack were enough to get me thru that debacle unscathed. Other than suffering with the Lions, and watching some the NFL yesterday, in spending most of the week away from the blog I was away from sports as well.

Now that I'm feeling refreshed, I'll be back to my daily snarkiness. You can expect my thoughts on the events of the last week a little later this afternoon.

Thanks for bearing with me as I recharged my batteries.

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