Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A jinx? I don't believe in no stinkin' jinxes

We've all heard the news, and seen the picture. Justin "The Franchise" Verlander is the latest Sports Illustrated cover boy. The first Tiger in 2 decades to grace the cover of the most well known sports periodical in existence. So in other words, it's time to worry, because of the Sports Illutrated cover jinx.

So what to make of the Sports Illustrated cover, and the jinx that supposedly comes along with it? There's nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about at all. I'm not worried about a jinx. Jinxes are for the superstitious. Hell, I'm not superstitous. Not one bit of superstition in this guy, knock on wood.

You're still worried? There is no reason to worry. It's all in our heads. We Tiger fans are like Pavlov's dog, or act like we are living in a Skinner box, and have been conditioned over the years into looking for anything that could be a sign of trouble. Talking about the SI jinx is just something for the Chicken Little's of Tiger fandom to hang their neuroses on. There's no worries here at TWFE HQ...

The SI cover jinx is nothing but so much BS. It's crazy talk, in the same way the Madden game front cover curse is BS. Right? RIGHT?


  1. You've really taken to the Chicken Little thing, ha. :)

  2. I am not very familiar with the SI cover jinx, did not know one existed. However, I do buy into the Madden one... it has happened to each cover boy for Madden since Eddie George. That is why, if I were a fantasy football guy, there is no way in hell I am taking Shaun Alexander this year.

    But Verlander, he'll be okay, now that Liriano went down in Minnesota he should have the AL Rookie of the Year award wrapped up. And please don't say that Popplebonn dude from Boston, closers shouldn't count just like a DH should not be allowed to win MVP.


  3. Dude, you are soooo young. The SI jinx has been around for decades. Just check out this SI page for a list of SI jinx victims...

    Twins, I'm beginning to get nervous. Since the cover was announced, we've had 2 losses, one of them an ass kicking...

    Ono, unfortunately there are way too many of them. And every blog needs a few cliches. right?