Thursday, August 10, 2006

I guess I'm bad luck

The Tigers lost Tuesday, 4-2 to the Twins, and I'll take responsibility. Deadspin even called the Tigers "Suddenly slumping" this morning after calling for playoff tix to be printed on Tuesday. Again, I'll take the fall. Blame me, blame my family, a pox upon us all.

Still, an enjoyable time was had by all. Remember when I said that I needed to master new technology called a "Box shaped digital pitcure taking thingy?" Well, I should have added "Crappy low end" to the sentence, as this pitcure will attest...

Tiger game 8--8-06 033

I'm sure you have a couple of questions, and are looking at the screen much as my bro-in-law is looking at the camera...

Tiger game 8--8-06 029

Big Al, were you drinking?

Tiger game 8--8-06 038

Uh...Yes. but that's not to blame. I'm sure you're saying that it has to be, as those are awful pics.

Tiger game 8--8-06 035

See? that one's not quite so bad.

Tiger game 8--8-06 014

That one is all on the camera. I'd only had a couple of brews. I'm blameless, I tell you!

Tiger game 8--8-06 010

I see by how you are looking at me, you don't believe me or my story.

Tiger game 8--8-06 013

Uhh, I found the bricks in front of Nemo's, the bro-in-law's sandals, and my finger utterly fascinating. Really.

Tiger game 8--8-06 042

My sister always glows fluorescently. Really. She claims she has a "Glow" about her.

Tiger game 8--8-06 034

So does my other sister. Really. Plus I love folks who wear sacks for hats.

Tiger game 8--8-06 024

Glad to see that you are happy with my explaination.

Tiger game 8--8-06 021

I have no explanation for the ugly nature of that pic. I get motion sickness just looking at it.

Tiger game 8--8-06 020

As further proof, that extreme close-up of a total doofus is actually of me. I look totally stone cold sober, don't I? Damn straight. trust me, I'm much more handsome in person. I'm told the camera adds 10 pounds. And 10 years, from the looks of that pic..

Even though the good guys lost to the bad guys, it was a fun night at the ballpark. Now that the crazy folk in these pics know that I'm planning on attending the blogger game, they all would like to go to that game as well. God help us all...


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! I don't blame you or your family entirely, just mostly, since you didn't actually throw the fastball to Morneau.

  2. Big Al, were you wearing a Hawaiian shirt? Because that's how I've often pictured you. Maybe it's the "Wayne-O" influence.

    So you're bringing women to the Bloggers Night? ;-)

  3. Hey there BIG AL..yes we all want to go back and see the blogger game!!!! It was a fun night for all on the 8th,and we all had a good time. Those two who are constantly glowing are a real HOOT to party with!!! lol lol lol any way just keep on blogging Al, you do a great job!! One of your fans.......Muggins