Friday, July 28, 2006

Lions, Tigers, and Floyd, oh my...

Twins vs Tigers: Obviously, the Twins have been gunning for this series, as they juggled their rotation to have both Liriano and Santana pitch. I won't get too uptight unless the Twinkies sweep. Even if the Twinkies take 2 of 3, which is entirely possible with the arms involved, they'll still be 7.5 back. That's still a goodly distance in the rear view mirror.

I think the bigger story for Tiger fans is that the size of a deadline deal may depend on how well the Tigers play this weekend. Tigers win 2 of 3, the Twins would be 9.5 back, and the Sox, even if they sweep the O's, would still be 7.5 games in the hole. As much as some Tiger fans (Such as myself) want a Lee, Soranio, or an Abreu, some sort of impact player, it'll be hard to justify a such a big trade to your locker room with those kinds of leads.

Anyway, this series has me somewhat concerned, to say the least. Take 1 of 3, and I'll be fine with it. 2 of 3, and I'll be ecstatic! As for the ChiSox, I hope to Hell that they continue their slide. Anything that can shut up the motormouth that is Jay Mariotti's best buddy ("For the first time in my life I'm speechless"), it's good for baseball, and the public at large. No need to say "Earmuffs" when kids are within Ozzie's earshot now...

With big interdivisional games and the trade rumors a-blowin' in the wind, it's going to be one of the more interesting weekends for Tiger fans in not so recent memory.

Floyd Landis: So the winner of the Tour de France has tested positive for some sort of blood doping? And Landis denies any wrongdoing? Honestly...I don't really care. I give Landis all the credit in the world, just as I would Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond, but cycling is a sport I could give 2 shits about. Winning the tour is an amazing athletic achievement, but if it went away, I wouldn't notice one way or the other. The only reason it's on the MSM's radar screen is that one American or another dominates. If it had been Euros consistently winning over the past decade, would we even care about the tour? I didn't think so.

Since doping is seemingly so rampant in cycling, you might as well just let 'em all get drugged up to the gills. It'd still be a test of endurance, it'd even the playing field, and advance the field of science by creating a tour full of doped, drugged, and 'roided up biking mutants. We may establish a race of superhumans...

Jon Kitna: Sgt. Marinelli has designated him as the Lions starter. What's the big deal? I think it's just a ploy, anyway. Maybe Martz thinks he's the better option, but you'd think there would have been an open competition. I say the reason sarge named Kitna QB so soon is to just keep the media off his and Martz's backs, from stirring the pot in regard to the starting QB.

As if we need an excuse to start a QB controversy in this town. We're going to bitch about the QB, no matter who it might be. Trust me, Kitna has a bad exhibition game, the cries for Josh McCown will be heard, deservedly or not, long and loud. Not as loud as "FIRE MILLEN," but loud all the same.

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