Thursday, June 29, 2006

Breaking down the Pistons draft

I flipped by the Worldwide Leader last night, and saw that 5 hours of Stephen A. Smith was on the docket. No man should have that inflicted upon them, so I pretty much ignored the NBA draft till later in the night, as the Pistons weren't scheduled to pick till around 2am anyway...

The draft word from Joe Dumars: "Will Blalock is the Matt Leinart of the NBA..."

So the last pick of the draft has banged Paris Hilton and Tara Reid? Dated LA star fuckers? Is overrated? Was passed over by the Lions? Is despised by Notre Dame fans? Now that I have the jokes out of the way, I'll add the rest of Dumars' quote. "...the way he slid down the board."

Blalock has been described as a smaller, pass first, pentrating (Just ask Paris and Tara!) point guard who can't shoot. Wow! It's the second coming of Mateen Cleaves. A trade for one of the Barry brothers, a series of 10 day contracts, and the NBDL, here we come...

Cheick Samb, the Lakers 2nd round pick, was picked up by the Pistons in exchange for Darvin Ham Maurice Evans. Evans won't be missed, and the move gives the Pistons about a $1.50 worth of cap relief. Carlos Delfino will finally get some extended playing time. If that's good or bad, it's yet to be determined. It's about time the Pistons found out about Delfino, once and for all.

As for Samb, all you need to know are is his vitals. Well, he is 7'-1". OK, a big man is always useful. But his weight is...195? Hell, Manute Bol had a better build. Karen Carpenter weighed more. Dumars needs to get that man a dagwood sammich, stat! At least Samb (Insert your favorite draft buzz words here) is long-has length-has tremendous upside-is a raw shot blocker-has potential, but needs seasoning. See ya in 3 years and 100 pounds, Cheik!

So, what are the draft impressions of TWFE? It met my very low expectations. We knew it was going to be impossible for the Pistons to find a player who would have a shot of even making a remote impact on the roster. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Jesus H Christ. I'm 195 pounds, but 5-foot-9 and I'm not even fat (though hardly skinny either). That's insane.