Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reading between the lines with Dre' Bly

With the start of Lions mini camp, Dre' Bly decided to set the record straight. A post in Terry Foster's Detroit News blog has some choice Bly quotes in regard to his throwing Joey Harrington under the bus when talking to the national media last season.

Let's break down what Bly said, and what he actually meant...

"It doesn't matter as long as they're one of my teammates."

Unless that teammate doesn't perform how I think they should, just ask Joey Harrington.

"I just want to win."

I want to win my way. And get paid.

"We want to win as a team."

Team? It's all about me.

"I don't have issues with anybody."

Except Joey Harrington, Dick Jauron and his defensive schemes, and for that matter, anyone else that doesn't agree with me. You listening, Kitna and McCown?

"The one thing people don't understand is I am a competitor and I'm here to compete and I'm here to win."

I sure can talk a good game, and I must be a competitor cause I said it TWICE.

"I am glad."

That's Joey's ass is looong gone.

"We are here to win and move forward."

We didn't win because of Joey, it wasn't my fault. Now stop asking me about it.

"I wish Joey the best, man"

I'm sooo glad that 1st round bust is gone, man.

"I have nothing against Joey as a person."

He blows as a QB, though.

"That is the one thing everybody tried to make it seem like I had bad feelings for Joey."

I didn't seem to have bad feelings for Joey, I DID have bad feelings for Joey. C'mon, it was obvious!

"I did not hate Joey."

I despised Joey, may he burn in the bowels of Hell for causing Mooch to get the ziggy.

"I liked Joey."

I like it that he's gone. He got my buddy Mooch fired, you know...

"He was a cool cat."

That pussy wasn't so cool in the pocket, did you see his happy feet?

"I just want to win."

Why on earth did I sign with Detroit if I wanted to win? Oh yeah, Millen cut me a check that was worth twice my actual market value.

"We want to win as a team."

If I didn't say something like, "There's no I in team," Marinelli was going to kick my ass to next week.

"I wish Joey the best but we have new guys in here."

Joey can eat shiat and die, Kitna and McCown best watch their P's and Q's...

"We have a new coaching staff."

Who won't be kissing my ass as Mooch did. I miss Mooch already.

"We have to move forward and hopefully get the job done."

As long as I get my share of stats, I'm doing my job, screw the rest of 'em. I'll throw 'em all under the damn bus, just you watch. Tell Martz I want to play some wide reciever when you see him, OK? And if you see Millen, tell him if he doesn't want to meet the bus, no more 1st round wide outs, he best get me some help on defense. One more thing, if Marinelli doesn't let me freelance, I'll go all Lavarr Arrington on his ass.

It's going to be a fun offseason in Allen Park.

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  1. One of my favorite lines I heard from a guy at work...

    "There may be no 'I' in team, but there sure as hell is a 'me'."