Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sparty gets a six seed. The Wolvernes? They get deep sixed

It's official...

My spur of the moment thoughts?

Sparty travels to D.C. and gets a deserved 6 seed to play George Mason. Sounds about right, actually. Not that the selection committee did MSU any favors, with the Tarheels lurking as their second round opponent. Considering their season overall, getting knocked out in the second round would be a fitting end. A HUGE disappointment to be sure, but fitting. Worst of all, they pissed away what could have been a couple of home court games at the Palace.

As for Michigan, they get to accept their standing bid to the NIT. Expect standard NIT operating procedure, home games till they either lose or make it to Madsion Square Garden. Watching the selection show and seeing Wisconsin at a 9 seed, it was obvious the Wolverines were toast. Just as Sparty deserved their fate, the Wolverines deservedly earned a trip to the tournament absolutely no one cares about. I find it hard to believe that Nero the Michigan administration will fiddle stand idly by as Rome burns the Wolverines miss the tournament. Again.


  1. Mich State scares me as a Heels fan. They scared me last year in the Final Four and we were stacked. I really see UNC going down to the Spartans in Rd 2. Maybe that's just me being a pessimistic fan, but that match up is screaming upset to me.

  2. Doc, I'll agree that Sparty can be dangerous, history says that is a fact. Thing is, I have no idea which team will show up. They're Jeckyl and Hyde personified. The one that handled the Illini in the 2nd round of the Big 10 tourney, or the team that couldn't shoot straight against Iowa.

    I'd have been much more confident about their chances if they had gotten placed in the Auburn Hills sub-regional. They have to be kicking themselves right now...

    I'm going to say that this has CBS fingerprints all over it. A MSU vs UNC 2nd round matchup would be a featured one that CBS will make sure most of the country will see.

  3. If Tommy Amaker is not fired by the end of the NIT at the LATEST, then Michigan basketball is dead to me.

    Or deader anyway.

  4. MSU's road looks very pretty. Carolina is tough, but very young and MSU could exploit that. Tennessee as the two seed. They are the weakest of the #2's. If MSU can get by Carolina they will be sitting in another Elite 8!