Saturday, March 18, 2006

Call it "The Deadspin Effect"

It only took one small link from the BMOC of sports bloggers, Deadspin, for things to get a little busy at TWFE this afternoon.

Thanks to Kevin at tipping off the Gawker Media poobahs to my existence, Deadspin posted a link of my trip through Millen's brain. As you can see by the graphic, traffic spiked like Barry Bonds' blood pressure after a dose of HGH with a masking agent chaser...

I feel silly about it now, but when I saw the sudden increase in traffic, I was as insanely happy as The Sports Dude was when he heard Joey Blue Bkies was on the outs. I'm sure the surge in traffic is a temporary thing, but hopefully most of the Deadspinners liked what they saw and will decide to check TWFE out occasionally.

I will admit getting my 15 minutes of web glory was a nice pick me up from the plagiarizing blogger, the Sparty one and out gag job, my tournament brackets getting destroyed, and the Pistons meltdown at Madison Square Garden. Just an ugly night, sports wise.

So it's the end of the day, and I'm thinking, "Now what?" I then realized that with Matt Millen around, I'll never run out of material...


  1. I no longer worry about Mich St. beating the Tar Heels. sorry. :)

  2. Oh yeah, feel free to rub it in Doc... God Damn Sparty.

  3. Don't be such a baby

  4. Congratulations on being "Deadspun." Very cool to see TWFE get some much-deserved exposure.

    Will it change your life? Possibly. Although it might just drive you crazy as you write something, hoping Deadspin will notice it, and send your traffic soaring again. That's just, uh, what I've heard from other people. I'm not speaking from personal experience. Nope, not me.

  5. Ian,

    Thanks for the props!

    As for Deadspin and their ilk, that's what I'm afraid of, that I'll be hoplessly caught up in trying to get noticed again. I'm not guaranteeing that the attention whoring won't get ugly...

  6. Congrats I'm sure it won't be the last time you get noticed for your great post. "If you write them the will come"

  7. Thanks Nat, I can say I've joined the ranks that you belong too, blogs that have been Deadspun!

    I'm still waiting for my invite from Stephen A. Smith though...