Friday, March 24, 2006

Adam Morrison cried last night. Big deal, don't we all?

Can't a grown man cry? Hard? With heavy sobs?

We all saw Adam Morrison, either live last night or on highlight shows today, become a tad emotional. OK, he cried! He sobbed tears of sadness before the end (That was a bit much, I'll admit), and after the buzzer, of the Zags loss to UCLA. Come on, ease up on the little porn 'stached fella. They just lost an Elite 8 berth due to one of the biggest NCAA chokes you'll ever see. I'm sorry, but I can't blame him for crying. So what if he's a little sensitive?

Please, you have to admit that we all get emotional at times. So in honor of, and in sympathy for, Adam Morrison, here's some examples of when and what makes me break down...

I spill a beer.
I spill another beer.
My beer was empty, and I didn't realize it till after the barmaid left.
I run out of beer.
When I run out of beer and the stores are closed.
Warm beer.
Cold Pizza (Both the ESPN show and delivery)
When Marty Moronwheg was hired.
When I realized Matt Millen wasn't losing his job.
When Matt Millen took a wide receiver in the 1st round for the 3rd consecutive year.
Just thinking about Matt Millen.
"Hey dad? Wanna have a catch?"
The end of "Brian's Song."
The start of the Adam Sandler version of "The Longest Yard." (Or any Sandler movie, for that matter.)
Get hit in the face by a fastball. (I was 10 at the time... And it hurt!)
Anytime I hear "Git 'R Done!"
Whenever tOSU loses. (They don't have to be tears of sadness...)
Any and every Wobb Parker column.
Anytime Billy Packer gives the public a stern lecture on the validity of any college hoop issue.
When I think about the cloud of sadness that surrounds Joey Harrington. (Not even Matt Millen wants to talk to him...)
The day the Pistons cut Fennis Dembo.
The day the Pistons signed Christian Laettner.
When I came to the realization that the Tigers "Boy Wonder" GM Randy Smith actually had no idea what a "Professional hitter" was.
Did I mention any issue involving beer?
Bill Walton doing color commentary.
When the Lions lost in the playoffs to the Dallas Cowboys 5-0. (Again, I was a child and wasn't yet aware of the "Curse of Bobby Layne")
"Rudy, Rudy, Rudy" (I'm so ashamed)

So you Adam Morrison haters, cut the man some slack. Adam, you are not alone.

I need a hankie...


  1. Adam Morrison, Big Al, and Dick Vermeil: the all-crying team.


    But NOOOOOBODY beats Dickie Vermeil!

  2. I think you know where I stand on this, Al. An athlete (or coach) crying anything other than tears of joy in public is not acceptable.

    That said, should the Lions ever stumble their way into a Super Bowl win, I will likely blubber like a baby for a solid hour and then proceed to tie one on so hard I'd be arrested and executed in Texas.

  3. I have no problem at all with anyone crying after an extremely tough loss to end a season and maybe a career. But crying on the court with 2.6 seconds left in a 1 point game? That was a little much.

  4. When I saw your list I started to cry myself...I'm out of Beer!