Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Drew Sharp must read "The Wayne Fontes Experience"

One of the most despised columnists in the D chimes in on the lack of foresight being shown by Detroit's supposed best and brightest. Drew Sharp questions the wisdom of Detroit, lead by the "Distinguished" con-man Kwame Kilpatrick, kowtowing to Jerome Bettis. He calls out Kwame's political grandstanding.

Bettis was basically a photo-op prop for the mayor during a ceremony at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, where Kilpatrick proclaimed this Jerome Bettis Week. And the city officially turned its back on the ideal that two football teams converged on Detroit for one common purpose.

He doesn't mention that Governor Granholm has been in on the Bettis shennaigans as well. But at least he takes on the suck up that is Kwame...

But the local political pulse should remain neutral.

"Seattle ... we love you," the mayor said, "but we're Jerome Bettis people."

In other words, Seattle, as far as Detroit is concerned, you don't exist.

That's not exactly a chamber of commerce-worthy welcome.

The mayor could have honored Bettis at a more appropriate time for his charitable contributions in Detroit, but that would have denied Kilpatrick the opportunity of posturing before a media deluge.

Talk about being a day late and a dollar short. Didn't I say the same thing in this post nearly a week ago? What about this post from last night? Why the local hacks haven't been all over our local leaders lack of objectivity is beyond me. I'm guessing they have been too busy bellying up to the free buffets and on the lookout for Jimmy Kimmel...

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