Friday, February 10, 2006


The reign of terror Jim Herrmann inflicted upon Michigan fans has come to a much too delayed end...

The Michigan Mafia has exerted enough pressure on Llllloyd Carr to finally have Herrmann dumped as defensive coordinator. I can only hope this is the end of the Michigan defense playing soft-soft-soft.

I'm thrilled Jim "Charles Woodson Made My Reputation" Herrmann is out of the Michigan fold. One thing bothers me though. Will any of the offensive and defensive changes make any difference if Llllloyd continues with his conservative philosophies. If JoePa, of all people, can change his stripes and run a spread offense and an attacking defense, you'd think Carr could make the leap to the 21st century.

I'm not sure he will...


  1. I am a loser, but I will admit, I have the article pinned to my cubicle wall for all to see... "Herrmann out as Michigan defensive coach"... it is like a dream come true! Never before have words brought joy to my life like those, at least not since the Pistons won the title a couple years ago! Long overdue my man, long overdue.

    I like your comment about Woodsen making his rep, LOL.

  2. It's amazing how much Herrmann looks like Marty Mornhinweg in that picture. Uncanny.