Monday, January 30, 2006

If your initials are "MM," the Lions want an interview

The ususal suspects (Mortensen, Clayton, et all) report Mike Martz is a serious candidate to become the Lions offensive coordinator. The local beat writers, the Killer for one, say it's not nearly a done deal, but it is being bandied about by both parties.

Is it possible to be excited and scared to death at the same time? Martz brings tons of baggage but is considered an offensive guru. So lets do a little pro/con exercise to help us decide if Martz to the Leos is a stroke of genius or a car wreck waiting to happen...

Pro: Made Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger look like Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas combined.
Con: His offense gets QB's killed, so you better have 3 decent ones.

Pro: Successful as a head coach.
Con: Rams couldn't wait to show him the door.

Pro: Was a candidate for another head coaching gig, so some still think highly of him.
Con: That interest was from the senile Al Davis.

Pro: Known for his innovative play calling.
Con: Tends to outsmart himself due to overconfidence in his offense.

Pro: Marshall Faulk had huge seasons in Martz's offense.
Con: Faulk may have done it despite Martz's playcalling, as he rarely had more than 15-18 carries a game.

Pro: Martz needs to rehab his reputation, helping to turn around the Lions would be a good start.
Con: He's gone with the wind as soon as another top job comes along.

Pro: Kick starting the Lions dreadful offense would be a big time selling point in his quest to get another head coaching position.
Con: Martz would much prefer to be a head coach, so he may already have the knives sharpened to stick in Rod Marinelli's back.

Pro: Credited with creating the "Greatest Show on Turf."
Con: Considered a legend in his own mind.

Pro: Martz brings name recogintion and excitement, considering the Marinelli hiring had neither.
Con: Can Martz's go for the jugular mentality mesh with a supposedly more conservative Marinelli?

My conclusion? Unfortunately, it's not all that simple. As a Lions fan, my heart says to give Martz a shot, take a roll of the dice. As a Lions fan, my mind thinks that if it's the Lions, they'll roll craps.

Addendum 12:40pm:
SI's Peter King makes Martz to the Lions sound like a done deal. I just found this nugget in today's "Ten Things I Think I Think" section of his MMQB.

I think Mike Martz will be the best hire Matt Millen has made in five years. Assuming it gets done-- and I hear Martz is enthused about the job -- whoever plays quarterback for the Lions in 2006 is going to be the happiest man on the face of the earth after one minicamp with Martz.


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