Monday, January 30, 2006

Detroit's collective IQ just dropped thru the floor

Cold Pizza is in town, which means the two worst ESPN talking heads have arrived.
Lord help us all...


  1. If Jay Mariotti is coming to town, it'll take a further drop. Why is ESPN so in love with these guys?

  2. I am very sorry you have to put up with Skip Bayless. As I wrote about in my blog, that guy really needs to shut up.

    I've long said that if Woody Paige, Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith, and Jay Mariotti are ever on a show together at the same time, and I happen to see it, that's the day I completely stop watching ESPN.

  3. If Woody Paige, Skip Bayless, Screaming A. Smith and Jay Mariotti are ever in a room together, I suspect it could cause the fabric of the universe to unravel and we would all just slip away into nothingness.

    Unless they were all getting ready to face a firing squad. That would be OK.