Friday, October 10, 2008

Up in smoke, that's where Chuck's money goes...

Yesterday, after a long, arduous process, an arbiter finally ordered Charles "Cheech" Rogers to return $8.5 million to the Detroit Lions. It was determined when Rogers violated the NFL's substance abuse policy, he also defaulted on his contract.

Whatever the Lions are able to collect from Cheech, they can have credited to their salary cap. Unfortunately, when the team went to collect their cash from Rogers, all they found was this...

I'm not sure what bongs get on the open market,
but I doubt it's anywhere near $8.5 million...

I don't think the NFL will give the Lions any salary cap credit on a house full of bongs, power hitters, hookahs, pipes, vaporizers, roach clips, Phillies Blunts and brownie mix.

On the other hand, the Lions can now add a head shop to Ford Field.


  1. Ah good old Chaz. Wonder what he's doing for money now? Still livin' large off the old man, I guess. Loser.

    I'm still amazed that people call BMW the worst pick of the Millen era. I mean a number 10 pick who did nothing over a number 2 pick who did nothing? WTF?

  2. The only arguement in Cheech's favor is he did show something in the first game of his rookie year. If he stayed healthy, Rogers might have been, at least, adequate. We'll never know.

    BMW never showed a God damn thing. He was a, an OT in WR clothing, with a worse work ethic than...well, anyone on earth, and the Lions didn't see it.

    Hell, I just want to forget they were even in Detroit.