Thursday, October 16, 2008

The move to MVN is approaching...soon!

Note: New posts are directly below this one! Cool? Cool.

Update 10/16, 11:30 AM: As you can see TWFE is still on Blogger. MVN is still having some technical glitches while launching their new platform, putting everything on hold. I still expect the move to MVN happen soon, could be today, could be tomorrow, but very soon. In the meantime, check out the new posts beneath this update. We copasetic? Good.

OK, heads up everyone. This is NOT a drill! The move to MVN is nigh!

I just gave the Grand Poohbahs at the Most Valuable Network the information needed to begin the transfer of TWFE from Blogger to MVN's servers. The whole shebang, kit and kaboodle, archives and all, will be on the move.

So I need to give you, the faithful readers, a few bullet points.

  • My long-time blogspot URL,, will no longer take you to TWFE after October 15th.
  • will continue to take you to TWFE, as it will become the primary domain.
  • If you are feeling frisky, you can also use
  • Please change your bookmarks/favorites from the blogspot address to!
  • If your blog links to TWFE, please please PLEASE make sure you are using!
  • For those of you who read TWFE via RSS, I don't have the info as to the new feed as of yet.
  • As for those who subscribe via email, that service will be ending with the move to MVN. I apoligize, but so few people use the service, it's not worth keeping it alive with the move.

If there are any questions or comments, you know where to leave 'em. I will respond. Same goes if you touch base via email with any concerns or suggestions. I'll keep this post at the top of the blog for the time being, and I'll add any pertinent info as I get it.

Thanks for reading, pardon my dust in the meantime and please follow TWFE to its new home!


  1. Good luck with the move! Hope all goes well and looking forward to reading more TWFE!

  2. SEPT 24, 2008 - millen axed

    OCT 14, 2008 - shitna on IR, rw2 traded

    OCT 19, 2008 - first lions win of the season w/ our new qbs under center

    OCT 26, 2008 - stanton gets his first career start, lions get their second win of the season.

    is THE CURSE slowly but surely beginning to dissipate?

    LIONS = 4 - 12 this season