Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Detroit Lions decide their future is brighter without Roy Williams and Jon Kitna

I'm away from the PC for a few hours, and all Hell breaks loose!

Roy Williams and a 7th round pick to Dallas for their 1st, 3rd and 6th picks? Jon Kitna to the IR, essentially ending his career with the Detroit Lions?

And here I was, totally expecting the trade deadline to be a non-event.

I applaud both moves! Golf claps all around for Martin Mayhew! If this is how Mayhew begins his bid to impress the Fords and the fanbase, and make his bid become the Lions' GM, I have to say he's made one Hell of a first impression. One seriously GOOD first impression.  I"m not saying give Mayhew the gig, but you have to admit, he's proven to be quite competent since the shackles of Millen have been removed.

Mayhew robbed the Cowboys blind. No way Williams would re-sign with Detroit next season, and franchise tagging him would have been cap suicide. So instead, Mayhew took Jerry Jones to the cleaners in getting damn near a King's ransom for a player who wasn't going to be a member of the 2009 Detroit Lions. 

Taking another team to the cleaners is something you could never say about any of Matt Millen's moves. In fact, it was usually the other way around (the Dre' Bly trade). That alone shows the Lions are moving forward, in a good way, in a post-Millen era. 

As for Kitna, I'm sure his back is dinged up, but hurt enough to miss the rest of the season? I doubt it. But it was obvious his time in the D was running out. Kitna's 36 and was playing like he's 66. About the only person in the Detroti organization backing him was a coach whose picture is next to the term "lame duck" in the encyclopedia. Kitna was also visably pissed the Lions are no longer letting him throw the ball 40 times a game in Jim Colletto's (admittedly mediocre) offense.

Turns out Kitna was only a "leader" when allowed to run Mike Martz's pass happy offense. In other words, his intangibles were overrated. Kitna only had intangibles when he got his way. Good riddance.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later... But for the time being, the Lions get 2 TWFE thumbs up!


  1. "Steal" is really the only verb you can apply to the Williams deal. Gives the Lions five picks in the first 100 selections of the draft next year now -- which will be essential towards rebuilding. Just have to hope that someone competent will be doing the picking, but that's a worry for another day.

  2. Good Lord what was Dallas thinking? Can't wait to rag on all their fans tomorrow. But I guess when almost all your key players go down in about 20 minutes, you tend to freak out.

  3. Cocaine Wayne10/14/2008 11:11 PM

    The Lions robbed somebody blind in a trade? What the heck is the world coming to? Is Jerry Jones high (think we know the answer to that one)? Crank those Cornbread Ovens up to high, boys & girls!!

    That all said, the Leos will now have many more draft picks with which to draft WRs! Should be a good one...

  4. Wayne, Funny I was texting with a 'boys fan, and he was talking about all the receivers we'll be drafting. Except that Millen's finally gone.

    Any stud O-linemen out there this year?

  5. Michael Oher at Ole Miss is this year's stud left tackle. Maybe. I'm disappointed we couldn't figure out a way to unload Pickna on them also. He would have been worth a fourth rounder.