Sunday, September 07, 2008

Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons live blog - 4th quarter: SCREW THE LIONS!

Turner starts the 4th with a nice run, shrugging off Detroit tacklers like a dog shaking off so many fleas. He's down at the Lion 40. Why? Why do I do this to myself every damn season?

Ryan scrambles right, finds the TE open, gets 12 more. I'm quite unhappy right now.

I'm getting furious, as Turner has an easy time getting ANOTHER 1st down inside the Lions' 10.

ARRRRRGH! Turner walks in from the 7. FUCK! Wait, there's a flag? Yes, holding on the Falcons, it's coming back. 1st and goal from Detroit's 13. Hell, it's just delaying the inevitable.

Lions just miss a pick on 2nd down. Figures. It's the way this whole game has gone.

3rd and goal from the 14. It's an end around...Lions bring him down at the 8, after actually making a God damn tackle!

But the chip shot FG makes it a 13 point game, 34-21 Atlanta.

This is just wrong. The Falcons suck. Which allows me to make the conclusion the Lions SUCK EVEN MORE! It's just common sense, right?

The Detroit not so special teams will start at the 20. as Marcus Thomas runs into the pile. GOD DAMMIT! FIRE KWAN! NOW! GIVE HIM THE BUS TICKET OUT OF TOWN! It's all about Marinelli being accountable, correct? But not when it comers to the coaching staff, as Kwan never should have come back after the disaster that was last season's special teams. What a fucking joke.

Kitna's back, play action...It fools no one, SACK.

2nd and 17. Johnson gets 11. 3rd and 6. Kitna to McDonald gets the 1st, but the clock continues to move. Lions huddle up. WHERE'S THE FUCKING URGENCY?!

Kitna to Johnson gets 10, and then take their good old time calling the play. It's not as if this is a one score game!

Shit, the play action blows up, as Smith's arm knocks the ball out of Kitna's hands. They barely get the ball back. If I weren't a fan, I'd be in hysterics.

Of course, on 3rd and long, Kitna takes ANOTHER SACK. Fuck the Lions. Fuck the Lions long and hard.

If other fans are in the same mood as me, and I'm sure they are, we'll see the end of the Lions' Ford Field sellout streak next week, for good reason.

Falcons take over at their 28. They are going to run lots of clock. Just keep giving the rock to Turner and Norwood, has they have almost 250 yards combined. Turner is at 196.

He's over 200, as he breaks another run for 10+ yards. He has a new Falcons record. Fucking wonderful. Just fucking wonderful. I'm ready to KILL.

Typical Lions, making a journeyman look like an All-Pro. I've seen it countless times over my Hellish lifetime of fruitless fandom.

I have to smile, as a commenter has already given up on the season.

damnit........... looks like we lost a game we should have won. gonna be a long season, but at least millen will probably get another shot at a very high draft pick. dont fuck it up millen.

Sound like a plan to me, anonymous. Actually, I think that's what the Fords say before every season. "Don't fuck it up, Millen."

Unfortunately, once again, for the umpteenth time, HE ALREADY HAS!

The Falcons are grinding out the clock, and the Lions can't do a damn thing to stop them.

It's the 2 minute warning, and I don't give a shit.

The Falcons are grinding it out, as they are at the Detroit 14. Ah, Atlanta is taking mercy on the Lions, as Ryan is taking a knee.

What a farce. What a fucking joke. What a sorry excuse for a franchise. If I were in Ford's shoes, I'd fire everyone, from Millen on down to the damn waterboy, as soon as the game ended. It was that fucking bad. An embarrassment. A utter, fucking embarrassment.

I hate being so negative, but I can't help it. Do you see any way this team can compete if they can't even beat the FALCONS? THE LOUSY, REBUILDING, 4-12, FALCONS?

Game over. Thank fucking God. 34-21, Falcons. I need a shower to wash the stench of this game off of me.

I hope to GOD this Lions team gets skewered by the MSM, the web, the blogs, the fans, EVERYONE! Monday will be UGLY in Detroit.


  1. This would have to make the Lions the worst team in the league, right? The defense is beyond porous and nobody can make a damn tackle. The O-Line continues to be an absolute joke, and our Quarterback is dumber than a quarter pounder. I hate this team.

  2. i swear this was it. Ive been a lions fans for as long as i can be they where horrible. Just fucking horrible. Fire the special teams coach fire the head coach fire the asst coach fire the defense coach. Fuck it fire everydamn body including matt fucking millen the should have been gotten rid of this muthafuckan dick head. I say we hire wayne fonts back fuck it. just like barry said when he left if they dont bring him back i wont be a fan. Guess i gotta find me a new nfl team!!!!!!

  3. I see my line from the last few seasons of Lions football is still applicable: "The Lions must think that tackling is optional."

  4. Interesting... I like how you say, "Actually, I think that's what the Fords say before every season. 'Don't fuck it up, Millen.'"

    Obviously they DON'T say that because they've allowed him to be here for this long and even give him another 5-yr extension after the worst 5-yr record in the league!

    Seriously, until the Fords sell this team (HA!), or die (maybe our more likely alternative), this team will never amount to anything.

  5. October 9th - Detroit Red Wings season opener. :)

    That's good news, right?

  6. I watched the game and at least now I don't feel the slightest bit compelled to see another minute of their joke of a season. When you come out and allow a rebuilding team like Atlanta to put up 3 TDs on their first three possessions, with two of them being long-yardage TD plays you are the biggest joke in the NFL. Period.

    I sincerely hope they go 0-16. There is absolutely nothing to like about this team and so long as Matt Millen is allowed to continue to "run" this NFL franchise they deserve to get the shit kicked out of them every single Sunday for the rest of the season. I hope every team in the league sets a team rushing record as they "pound the rock" right down their throats.

    Do you believe in NOW?

  7. Well, being out in the Southwest, I didn't have to actually watch this disaster. But I faithfully followed the box score on my iPhone.

    Which brings up the main point. When I was in the Army, there was a document that went around giving funny evaluation comments for officers. One of them was "the only reason I would follow this officer into combat is sheer curiosity."

    At this point, the only reason I'll follow the Lions is sheer curiosity.

    Oh hell, who am I kidding. I'm still a fan, even though I don't have any hope.

    Sigh. It's gonna be a long season. Especially since most of the people I know are Dallas fans. And I got to watch them tear apart Cleveland for the first half. Just a good offense doing what needs to be done. And executing almost flawlessly.

  8. Doc, I hate this team too. But I remain a fan, so I can't help but watch. I hate myself for it.

    Khalil, horrible is a good a word as any to describe this latest debacle. Nice use of the F-bomb. I'm not one to normally swear up a storm, but the fucking Lions bring out the fucking worst in me.

    MW32, the tackling was atrocious. Then I hear Marinelli say "We need to look at the film" and "It was the tackling." Fucking, DUH! Who needs film to know it was the TACKLING! You're the assclown who hand picked this group who don't realize you're allowed to tackle the guy with the God damn ball.

    Brian, our only hope is the old man finally gives up the ghost, and Junior learns from his father's mistakes. It's horrible when you think about it. The Lions' only hope is for WCF to die. But it's the God's honest truth.

    Baroque, that's GREAT news. The Wings are the only team in the D to live up to expectations.

    Dave, when the Lions are in the midst of one of these debacles, I feel the same way. I just don't want them to lose, I want them to be embarrassed so badly, it hurts. 0-16 isn't painful enough punishment for what those fools put we fans through. And "pound the rock" has become Marinelli's "The bar is high."

    GTW, "the only reason I would follow this officer into combat is sheer curiosity" is balls on. It describes Lions fandom to a "T." It's also hysterical!

    But I'm a fan, I'm going to continue to watch. It's a point of pride, I'm tough enough to survive watching the fucking Detroit Lions!

  9. Forte for Chicago is going to drop a deuce on the Leos. He already has over 120 against a decent Indy defense. AP will easily rush for 300 if he plays at least three quarters.