Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm not sure what's more impressive...

Gus Johnson's play by play call? The man could make a sewing circle sound exciting. I want Gus Johnson calling every game I watch.

Dan Orlovsky's block taking out 2 Browns? Let's make him the lead blocker on all running plays.

Or Kevin Smith's marvelous run? (Hopefully You Tube won't pull this clip, but the NFL media gestapo are everywhere)

It's about time the Detroit Lions had a running back capable of hitting the home run. It's been about a decade...

I'll have more thoughts about the Leo's stomping a mudhole in the Browns tomorrow.


  1. Alright, Drew Sharp says Colletto will run, run, run and then run some more. Let's hope that the Colletto offense isn't run, run, run, punt. We've seen too much of that. Or, the old reliable, run right, run left, dump off pass, punt. Or the other old reliable, run left, run right, pass downfield for interception. Based on the You Tube, if the Lions can fool the opposition into moving all their defenders to one side of the field, Smith will be the next Barry Sanders--or at least the next Gaston Green.

  2. Run, run, run, punt? That sounds like Lloyd Carr's offense.

    Gaston Green? Talk about pulling a name out of your ass! lol

    If Smith can get the Lions a somewhat consistent ground game, I'll be happy. I think he's capable of doing so. 1100-1200 yards isn't out of the question.

  3. Hell, I remember the season when The Big Buck brought in Dan Henning to run the offense and he tried to turn Barry Sanders into Gaston Green. Lucky for all of us Henning went on to Boston College where his players got into point shaving and Dan couldn't figure out what was wrong with that--as long as he knew ahead of time who was shaving what. Better strike that last clause, I don't want you carrying a lawsuit to the new site.