Saturday, July 05, 2008

A quick posting update

Due to my being a total dumb ass, and running some bad software, I had a MASSIVE computer crash this morning. By massive, I'm talking about FUBARing my brand spanking new, one week old PC so badly, I was unable to boot into Windows. I ended up having to wipe the hard drive, and do a fresh install of Vista. 

Talk about your worst nightmare. Way to go, Big Al!

The situation was exacerbated by my internet being down till 3pm (I'm paying those robber barons at Charter entirely too much money for the service they give), which left me unable to  do any kind of Windows update, re-downloading software/extensions/bookmarks, re-setting up my network and file sharing...Well, you know the drill.

At least most of my stuff was backed up and/or still installed on my older PC. So I didn't lose all that much in info, just my time. But it's been a pain in the proverbial ass fixing my mess.

Anyway, long story short, in getting my PC back to where is was as of last night (running fine and dandy) it's gonna take a while.  Likely the rest of my Saturday. Nice way to spend a holiday weekend, huh? I'll be back on TWFE tomorrow, Monday at the latest.

Enjoy the rest of your long holiday weekend, everyone!

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  1. Try out Ubuntu ( You can run it from a Live CD (so you can try everything out without installing a single thing on your computer) or use Wubi to install it through Windows onto it's own partition so you can dual-boot.

    I don't miss Windows at all and my Ubuntu box never crashes. Plus 99% of my software is automatically updated through one source. It's awesome.