Monday, July 07, 2008

The Lions are asking their fans "Do you believe in now?"

You're kidding, right? Right? You mean this latest promo gambit is supposed to be taken seriously?

Then the answer is...No. I don't.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me for an entire lifetime? Welcome to the world of Lions fandom.

You know, I'll make the occasional leap in faith. I'll leap with any team in Detroit when they show me they are capable. But the Lions? Please.

I won't leap for the Lions. In fact, I refuse to believe in the Lions. I won't allow myself.

I've been burnt one too many dozens of times by the asshats known as the Detroit Lions. It's going to take more than a flashy promotional spot and marketing slogan (designed, more than anything, to just sell tickets) to get me to "believe" in the worst run team in professional sports. Want me to believe? Want me to take the Lions seriously? Then Fire Millen. Shitcan the porn 'stached goon running the team.

Otherwise, the Lions are just insulting their fanbase with this "believe" bullshit.


  1. mmm. How about this motto, in the form of a question and an answer from a typical fan:

    Team: Do you believe in....

    Fan: No.

    Tell the Fords to fire their p.r. people and give me the job. Maybe then I could afford to return to MI and pay the Granholm taxes.

  2. I believe in yet another season where I won't be attending a game at Ford Field.

  3. As a PR person I can see what they are trying to accomplish. As a Lions fan, I absolutely do not buy it. As someone who personally knows the Fords....just trying to sell more tickets and cover their ass.

  4. I said it in the video comments and I'll say it here.

    The Ford family is as good at building football teams as they are at building cars.

  5. The beauty is, it's a constantly renewable promo. Sorta like the Verizon guy, or a kid asking for a cookie: "Do you believe me now? Do you believe me... now? How about now? Now? Well, what about now? Do you believe me now? If not then, now?"

    Years later: "Now? Okay, well, now? Now?"

    Just keep asking and asking, and sooner or later you'll hit it.

    Personally, I believe in magic and miracles, but not the Lions.

  6. At the risk of sounding overdramatic, I really do get a tinge of nausea every time this ad comes on the air.

    Who the hell do the Lions think they're crappin' on this one?

    What I believe NOW is that this team will continue to be terrible so long as the porn-stached goon runs things. And damn him and the Lions franchise for threatening to ruin my love of the NFL

  7. Well we have to believe in now, since we can't very well believe in the Lions even still existing for the Super Bowl in early February...

  8. I saw this ad when I was in the UP last week. I nearly fell out of my chair. Sure, I'll believe. When the Lions actually win a playoff game. Until then, no fucking way.