Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brad Stuart remains a Red Wing, the rest of the NHL slaps themselves in the forehead, says "D'oh!"

The Red Wings continue to make all the right moves, do all the right things, sign all the right players. The latest example of their efficiency is the just announced signing of Brad Stuart to a 4 year deal @ $3.75 million a season. Considering Stuart was likely to be offered $4 million plus on the open market, locking him up for 4 seasons, getting a hometown discount in the process, is quite the coup. Actually, it'd be a coup for most frnachises. For the Wings? It's just standard operating procedure.

 4 more seasons of Stuart? I can live with it...

Losing Stuart would have left a huge hole to fill on the blue line, as he was damned impressive as part of the second pairing during the playoffs. His laying out the NHL's Golden Child in the cup clincher, causing Sidney Crosby to see little winged wheels and cookoo birds circling his head, was one of the more memorable playoff highlights. That's not even bringing up some of the big time goals Stuart scored against the Pengiuns.In other words, Stuart was a force during the cup run. When he played well, so did the Wings.

The atmosphere surrounding the Red Wings is amazing. Players are willing to compromise on salary in order to play for a marquee franchise, one that has a legitimate shot at playing for the Stanley Cup every season. What more could a player ask for? A few more loonies, obviously, but what's a few hundred thousand between friends?

Now just sign Mats Sundin (or Brian Rolston, I'm not picky!) and the Wings brain trust can then spend the rest of the summer playing golf and nailing down Z and the Mule to long-term deals.

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  1. I was thrilled to hear about Stuart signing with the Wings. I really expected him to leave via free agency. That second pairing of Kronwall and Stuart is just going to be pure evil. I really don't expect the Wings to go after a marquee forward - truth be told they really don't need one. They are more likely to sign a banger to replace Dallas Drake. Once they do that they should be set for their title defense.