Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why did the Pistons even bother show up for the draft?

Walter Sharpe and Trent Plaisted? Who? What? Huh?

So the Pistons traded out of the 1st round, and drafted a narcoleptic who bounced around the NCAA and a Mormon. You can call me underwhelmed. You can call me Ishmael. You can call me a cab. You can call me anything but impressed. Tonight was a total waste of time for Pistons fans.

With the 29th pick overall, I honestly wasn't expecting much from this draft. But I was expecting something. But a reach and a stiff? That's nothing.

Other than saving themselves from having to shell out a 3 year guaranteed contract (Which never hurts), the Pistons got absolutely no help for the '08-'09 season from this draft. In fact, I believe it's safe to say they got no help for the '09-'10 season as well.

Plaisted is whiter than I am, and I'm as white bread as can be. 

He's BLINDINGLY white...

Sharpe's college days...


The Pistons ended up getting a couple of D-leaguers who have absolutely no chance in Heaven or Hell of contributing this year, next year, and probably the year after that. From what I've read and heard tonight, this draft was all about the sleeper, Sharpe. (Ha! Sleeper! Get it?) If one or the other do somehow develop, it'll be...Hell, who am I kidding?

After this, (Sarcasm on) I'm waiting on pins and needles for the 59th pick. (Sarcasm off)

I know, I know, Joe Dumars has a plan. He's one of the best GM's in the NBA. I'm sure he had legitimate reasons for the moves made in tonight's draft. He must have seen something in these guys, especially Sharpe. I keep telling myself "In Joe I trust, in Joe I trust." But why does he have to make it so damn HARD to do so with drafts like this?

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  1. How could you stand to watch the draft all the way to pick # 29 with Stuart Scott and Screamin'A. Smith at the controls? I'm sure that Bilas, Jackson, and Van Gundy think they're both punk asses. Personally, I went to True Value and spent the evening looking at lawn mower spark plugs.