Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pens win, Wings regroup, a loss is not a big deal

If there was a game the Wings were going to lose, the 1st game back in Pittsburgh was it. Crosby had a great game, his best of the series so far, and led his team to a win, 3-2. The Pens were a DESPERATE team playing a must win game, and played like it. Kudos to them.

All I can say about the Red Wings loss is it took the Penguins best performance to beat a Wings team that didn't play anywhere near it's best. Especially in the 1st, and for much of the 2nd, periods. The Red Wings dominated the 3rd, and made one Hell of a game out of it. It was a marvelous to watch 3rd period, so at least NBC, the CBC, and the rest of North America will be happy.

On he plus side, a loss will give Mike Babcock a chance to shake up the lineup a little. I'm NOT comfortable with Lilja in the lineup. Never have been, never will be. I want to see Chelios play Saturday night.

The bigger concern than the loss is the health of Holmstrom. Jesus, Homer takes abuse in front of the net. His helmet was off half the time, thanks to the Pens cross checking him across the skull at every opportunity. Of course, it's NEVER called. Good thing there's 3 days off.

I really think the Wings come out flying inn game 4, and have the Pens back on their heels the entire night. They'll bring the kitchen sink, and then some.

One more thought... Just expect the next 3 days to be nothing but CROSBY!!! mania. (Well, as much mania as the NHL can create in a nation where 2/3 of the population could give a shit) So be it...

There's another reason I'm not all that upset about the loss. I wasn't going to be able to watch Saturday's game all that closely, as I'll be a benefit for my best friend's brother. He was nearly killed in a snowmobiling accident a few months back, and though he's doing much much better, the medical bills are piling up.

There are priorities, and and a Stanley Cup game takes a back seat to friendship. Even if that game may have been the clincher. It's all moot now anyway.

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