Monday, April 21, 2008

Please welcome WDFN to TWFE universe!

As you may have noticed by the logo in my sidebar, WDFN sports radio 1130, The Fan, has joined forces with The Wayne Fontes Experience (along with the other sports blog in the Big Al blogging network, SideLion Report) as a promotional partner.

Some of my writing will be featured at, and while I'll link and comment upon the occasional WDFN piece I think will interest you, the readers.

Please feel free to click on the WDFN logo (Once you've read the latest at TWFE, of course) and check out the latest sports news and opinion, along with tuning in via their live web feed, at The Fan.


For my first official linkage, I'd like to give a shout out to a long time friend of TWFE, DFN's sports director, Matt Dery. "The Diesel" has something to say about the local media coverage of last night's Piston loss. It's not flattering...

Do you think the Pistons laid an egg in Game One last night? What about the local media? It seems that there is this faction of certain writers and broadcasters who rarely come to games during the season and then all of the sudden form an opinion about the Pistons as they start the post season.

Amen, Matt. I wonder...Who is The Diesel is talking about? I'll venture a guess...


  1. Nice work Big Al and congrats on hitting the big time...try not to turn into one of those msm guys that everybody hates

  2. Thanks, Doc!

    I wouldn't worry about turning into something I'm not. I'll always be a fan with a voice, nothing more. I'm sure you all would be the first to call me out if I became a cliche' spewing, holier than thou Jerry Green/Little Fella/Rob Parker asshat. Hell, I hope you would... lol

  3. My two favorite things, Detroit sports related, have finally combined. It's a great match and I send my congratulations.

    Based on your reply to the Doc, I expect you to fully wind up the 'curmudgeon' soon for our reading pleasure.

  4. Thanks much, Jon! I think I could handle being the Detroit blogosphere's resident curmudgeon! lol

  5. Congrats on this! Its huge!

    I knew you when. . .

  6. "Knew you when.." lol Thanks!

    But I should be saying the same about you, Doc Blogstein! You're the one with tens of thousands of Blog Talk Radio listeners!